Principal, Staff Legal Adviser

  • Negotiable
  • London, England, United Kingdom
  • Contract, Part time
  • EBRD
  • 06 Sep 16

The position is a part-time position and recruitment is for a two (2) year fixed term contract renewable once for a further period of up to three (3) years, (total maximum 5 years).

The Staff Legal Adviser (SLA) function is a resource within the framework of the Bank's internal dispute resolution system. It serves to provide Bank's staff members and the Staff Council with information and legal advice on matters with respect to the terms and conditions of employment, including in relation to the Bank's Grievance Procedures, Appeals Procedures, the Conduct and Disciplinary Rules and Procedures and other internal law of the Bank and generally recognised principles of international administrative law.

In exercising its functions, the SLA may not seek or accept any instructions from any person or entity inside or outside of the Bank, with the exception of the staff member or the Staff Council, respectively, when each is seeking advice from the SLA.

As a staff member of the Bank, the SLA will be subject to the Bank's internal law including the Code of Conduct. The parameters of the function are established by the President of the Bank in consultation with the Staff Council. For organisational and administrative purposes the SLA position is located within the Staff Council. The SLA shall maintain, at all times, confidentiality with respect to all matters, information and documentation brought to his/her attention by staff members and / or the Staff Council and advice rendered by him/her.

The SLA shall not be a current or former staff member of the Bank or a current or former Board Official or member of the Board of Governors and after serving as SLA, an individual shall be ineligible for an appointment in the Bank as a staff member or a Board Official for a period of five (5) years.

Accountabilities & Responsibilities

The SLA's role and responsibilities will include the following:

  • Obtain a full knowledge of the facts from the staff member, as well as, the legal provisions and jurisprudence relevant to the matter.
  • Provide information, explanation and independent legal advice to staff members and former staff members with respect to:
  • The staff member's contract of employment, the internal law of the Bank and generally recognized principles of international administrative law;
  • The options available to them within the Bank's internal dispute resolution system and the process to be followed under those options, as well as the potential time and costs involved;
  • Such information and advice may be provided at all stages of the internal dispute resolution system as set out in the Bank's Grievance Procedures and the Appeals Procedures, as well as, under the Conduct and Disciplinary Rules and Procedures.
  • Upon request, assist staff members in identifying external counsel to provide legal advice and/or representation in employment-related matters, by maintaining an up to date directory of the most relevant providers/contacts.
  • Provide information, explanation and independent confidential legal advice to the Staff Council, as requested, on the internal law of the Bank and generally recognised principles of international administrative law.
  • Provide semi-annual reports to the President, the Vice President, Human Resources, and the Staff Council. These reports shall be of a non-specific nature and will provide an overview of the SLA activities, together with any comments and recommendations for any improvement of the Bank policies and procedures that may have come to his/her attention.
  • Setting the work schedule and prioritisation of work volume in exercising of the function, in consultation with the Chairperson of the Staff Council.

Knowledge, Skills, Experience & Qualifications

  • Extensive and proven track record in legal matters in the areas of employment relations and dispute resolution in an international environment, preferably within an inter-governmental organisation.
  • Background in international civil service law, whether academic or professional.
  • Post-graduate degree in law, preferably with specialisation in Human Resources and employment matters; an additional qualification in public international law is desirable.
  • Strong interpersonal skills: a high level of emotional intelligence, the ability to understand, respect and respond appropriately to other people's behaviour, concerns and motives.
  • Strong communication skills: to communicate appropriate, concise and accurate information in written and verbal formats, to the right audience at the right time; able to communicate effectively with people at levels of organisation.
  • Proven problem-solving, negotiation and facilitation and /or mediation skills.
  • Demonstrate a high standard of diligence requisite to a relationship of trust.
  • Effectively work in English, orally and in writing. Ability to work in any of the other official languages of the Bank (French, German, Russian) would be an asset.

Competencies & Personal Attributes

  • The ability to understand the formal and informal structure of the Bank, its culture and work environment.
  • The willingness to accept changes and ability to maintain effectiveness in a changing environment along with the ability to adapt and work effectively, to maintain control and performance in challenging situations.
  • Must be a person of high moral character, recognised integrity and judgement. The ability to "walk the talk", to take actions consistent with what one says.
  • Able to demonstrable tact and discretion, especially in dealing with confidential matters.
  • Understanding the needs and priorities of those seeking advice, set appropriate expectations and manage the expectations.
  • The ability to obtain all relevant information from a variety of sources and use it in accordance with the Bank's policies and procedures governing identification, confidentiality and utilisation of such information.