Senior Researcher 高级研究员

  • competitive
  • Beijing, Beijing Shi, China
  • Permanent, Full time
  • 中证金融研究院
  • 13 Dec 17 2017-12-13

China Institute of Finance and Capital Markets (CIFCM) is a policy research institute under the direct administration of the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC). CIFCM mainly engages in research of the long-term, forward-looking, comprehensive, and systematic issues in the capital markets. CIFCM is currently seeking five senior researchers to join the institute in Beijing, China. Ideal candidates should possess in-depth experience in economic and financial fields with a good knowledge of Chinese culture and perspectives.


Research Orientation:

  •  Macroeconomics
  •  International Finance
  •  Regulation and Supervision of Capital Markets


  • 宏观经济研究
  • 境内外金融市场研究
  • 资本市场监管与法治研究

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Develops and applies advanced research or analysis to the development and reform of capital markets. Follows and leads research on the fundamental, forward-looking, and hot issues in the capital markets.
  • Leads research teams and conducts research projects related to macroeconomics, capital markets, or regulatory policies pertaining to these matters. Contributes to research reports produced by the institute, and other written materials as necessary.
  • Serve as a subject matter expert in areas of the development and regulation of capital markets, such as providing proposed revisions to policy and procedures.
  • Prepares and presents policy evaluations and interpretations as needed. Provides constructive feedback to the hot issues in the research of capital markets.


  • 围绕资本市场改革发展需要开展研究选题和论证,跟踪、引领市场重大基础性、前瞻性和热点问题的研究。
  • 指导带领研究团队,对资本市场相关领域开展深度研究,形成高质量、有影响力的研究报告。
  • 就资本市场监管和发展的重大问题及政策制定提供决策咨询和政策建议。
  • 根据工作需要开展政策评估和政策解读,回应市场热点。

Requirements and Qualifications:

  • Demonstrates a professional attitude, appropriate to the culture of the organization in which you work.
  • Well-educated with academic degrees awarded by internationally renowned universities.
  • Influential professionals with rich experience in conducting research projects related to economic and financial issues. Publications in the highly-regarded journals (or equivalent) required.
  • International experience or prior work in a global organization preferred.
  • Certain requirements can be relaxed for outstanding candidates.


  • 具备良好的政治业务素质,遵纪守法,品学端正。
  • 具备良好的教育背景,本科、硕士、博士均毕业于国内外知名大学。
  • 有丰富的经济金融或资本市场研究经验,在相关领域有一定专业知名度和影响力。曾在国内外一流学术刊物发表过高质量论文,或研究成果得到过重要批示。
  • 具有国际化背景,在国际组织或知名金融机构等具有丰富从业和研究经验者优先。
  • 研究业绩特别突出者,年龄、学历条件可适当放宽。


  • Offers competitive pay; specifics will be discussed personally.
  • Provides employee benefits package according to the relevant laws, administrative rules and regulations.
  • Provides opportunities for personal growth and professional advancement.


  • 提供市场化的薪酬待遇,具体标准面议。
  • 按照国家相关制度规定,提供各类福利保障。
  • 根据个人意愿和学术水平,参评高级职称。
  • 按干部管理权限和单位工作需要,可实行专业职务和行政职务并行晋升的机制。