Branch Manager 支行行长 Branch Manager 支行行长 …

Standard Chartered Bank
in Shanghai, Shanghai Shi, China
Permanent, Full time
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Standard Chartered Bank
in Shanghai, Shanghai Shi, China
Permanent, Full time
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Standard Chartered Bank
Branch Manager 支行行长
About Standard Chartered
We are a leading international bank focused on helping people and companies prosper across Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

To us, good performance is about much more than turning a profit. It's about showing how you embody our valued behaviours - do the right thing, better together and never settle - as well as our brand promise, Here for good.

We're committed to promoting equality in the workplace and creating an inclusive and flexible culture - one where everyone can realise their full potential and make a positive contribution to our organisation. This in turn helps us to provide better support to our broad client base.

Scope o f Role:

Take overall responsibilities at the sub-branch including: achieve sales target, develop new customers and maintain customer relationships; operations and compliance management at the sub branch; team management and promotion of team work.



Key Responsibilities:

Sales & Services
  • Ensure sub-branch staff are well managed to deliver business performance and achieve targets;
  • Ensure a distinctive customer experience for target segments is created and enhanced at the sub-branch;
  • Coordinate with Management Team to ensure key initiatives are executed properly in respective sub-branch;
  • Facilitate the enhancement of sales & services skills of all sales staff by performing regular performance tracking of individual staff.
  • Drive the customer acquisition strategy of Client Relationships to build sustainable business growth of customer base (NTB).
  • Provide regular updates of sub-branch's overall sales and service performance and key initiatives/events to management;
  • Focus on deepening relationships with the high value customers;
  • R educe overall cost and shift cost and investment from non-value-added activities to benefit customers;
  • Outperform competitors by delivering superior customer benefits while avoiding price-based competition;
  • Ensure timeliness and handle customer's complaint properly;
  • Fully embrace SCB Way and ensure implementation in the sub-branch.

  • 有效地管理支行相关运营业务,为客户提供优质的商业服务,并带领团队完成销售目标;
  • 维护支行良好的服务声誉,以赢得更多的目标客户;
  • 通过与管理团队的合作,使支行有能力对运营的过程中出现的突发事件做出妥善处理;
  • 定期评估员工业绩,提升销售人员的销售业绩,加强与客户沟通,服务的能力;
  • 贯彻客户关系部客户获取战略来实现新客户持续增长;
  • 向管理部门定期更新支行的销售,客户服务记录及重大事件;
  • 维护并深化与有极大影响及发展潜力的客户的关系;
  • 采用快速发展计划的建议,以降低成本,并将资金投入到有利于客户的项目;
  • 为高级客户提供更大的盈利空间,在战胜竞争对手,赢得客户的同时避免以价格为基础的竞争;
  • 及时、妥善地处理客户投诉;
  • 确保银行的工作方式在支行的贯彻和实施。
  • Ensure that all staff in the sub-branch fulfills compliance requirements stipulated by Group and local regulators, and that all audits and inspections (internal and external) are concluded with satisfactory results;
  • Mitigate all potential operational risks;
  • Oversee the proper functioning and management of all systems, operations and premises related matters;
  • Drive product and business license related applications involving Compliance in the sub-branch.
  • 确保支行所有员工认真履行银行和地方的要求并且通过内部和外部的各项审计和检查;
  • 降低所有潜在运行风险;
  • 监督并管理支行所有系统、运营以及经营场地等的正常运作;
  • 推动支行产品和营业执照的申请并确保合规。
Operations & Compliance Management
  • Actively build and develop banking business based on economic development policies of the country and credit policies of the bank;
  • Strictly follow and ensure endeavors by the sub-branch comply with PRC laws and regulations and with current and forthcoming regulations, ordinances and provisions issued by CBRC and other regulatory authorities;
  • Strictly follow and ensure endeavors by the sub-branch comply with current and forthcoming internal rules and with the code of conduct issued by the Company and SCB Group;
  • Must comply with their respective Money Laundering Prevention Procedures and be alert at all times to unusual or possibly suspicious customer activity, and should report any suspicious activity to AML Surveillance Team and line manager as well as directly to the Country MLPO in urgent or exceptional circumstances;
  • Ensure team awareness of all relevant regulations and internal Risk & Compliance policies and procedures; ensure all Regulatory, Group Policies are adhered to in the sub-branch and proper risk controls are in place;
  • Enforce policy and procedures in breaches and potential breaches;
  • Sign on behalf of the sub-branch agreements, contracts or documents related to sub-branch business;
  • Ensure effective communications with business units and functions; participate in City MANCO and City BORG; assist city branch manager in managing routines at city branch;
  • Other endeavors related to daily business and operations.
  • Under the leadership of the City General Manager: to manage and coordinate the implementation of AML and fraud risk control measures at sub-branch level as required, ensuring that these control measures will be put in place and operated in an effective manner and that staff ' s awareness on AML and fraud will be enhanced through regular trainings.
  • Under the leadership of the City General Manager: to support and provide assistance in any AML and fraud prevention related program, staff training or any other AML and fraud prevention related activities that may be required.
  • Under the leadership of the City General Manager: to escalate and report any significant AML issues and fraud incidents to senior management including the Head, FCR/Country MLPO for investigation, mitigation and resolution, and to report AML suspicious transactions in the first instance to relevant business MLPO and Country MLPO.
  • 依据国家的经济发展政策和银行的信贷制度积极开发和发展银行业务;
  • 严格遵守并确保支行行为符合中华人民共和国法律法规、中国银行业监督管理委员会和其他监管机关现行和随时颁布的法规及其他条例、规定的要求;
  • 严格遵守并确保支行行为符合本公司及渣打集团现行和随时颁布的内部规定行为守则;
  • 遵循反洗黑钱条例的相关措施,对反常和可疑的客户操作时刻保持警觉,并将任何可疑活动向反洗钱办公室,直线经理报告,在紧急情况下,可直接向中国反洗钱总监进行报告;
  • 确保团队成员了解所有相关法规、银行内部风险和合规政策及各项程序,确保所有的规章制度、集团政策和风险管理在支行得到切实实行;
  • 警惕并减少各项对政策和程序的违反以及潜在的违反;
  • 代表支行签署协议、合同或与支行业务相关联的文件;
  • 确保与分行各业务部门、职能部门的有效沟通,参加分行管理委员会和分行操作风险管理委员会,并协助分行行长管理分行各项事务;
  • 其他与支行日常业务、运作有关的事宜 ;
  • 在分行行长的领导下管理并协调支行层面反洗钱及诈骗风险控制措施的执行,确保这些控制措施实
  • 施到位并运作有效,通过定期培训的方式强化员工的反洗钱意识 ;
  • 在分行行长的领导下管理支持并协助反洗钱及防止诈骗相关项目、员工培训或任何其他可能需要的反洗钱及防止诈骗的相关活动 ;
  • 在分行行长的领导下管理向高级管理层包括中国反洗钱总监报告重大的反洗钱及诈骗案件以寻求即时调查及解决方案以减轻损失,可疑洗钱交易需第一时间向相关业务反洗钱专员和中国反洗钱总监报告

Our Ideal Candidate
  • Familiar with and abiding by the Chinese laws, regulations and rules;
  • Having the professional ethics, morality, integrity, reputation, a good compliance record and no record of misconduct;
  • Having a university or higher educational background, having the professional knowledge, working experience and management capabilities required by his or her post;
  • Having the professional qualification/ licenses required by his or her post, including but not limited to Qualification Certificate for Insurance Salespersons, LMF(local/China Mutual Fund)
  • H ave over four years of working experience in financial activities or over six years of working experience in relevant economic activities (including over two years of working experience in financial activities);
  • H aving the independence required by his or her post;
  • Solid years of related banking experiences with at least several years in managerial role;
  • Strategic thinking with an entrepreneurial mindset to start and expand a business;
  • Excellent relationship building skills to anchor customer and government officials as well as regulators at the senior level;
  • Good familiarity with bank operational procedures;
  • Strong marketing skills and a thorough knowledge of financial products and services. Sound knowledge of equities markets, unit trusts and other personal investment services;
  • Excellent communications, presentation and negotiation skills;
  • Excellent leadership qualities to motivate the team.
  • 熟悉并遵守中国法律、法规和各种条例;
  • 拥有专业的伦理、道德、诚信、信誉以及良好的合规记录并且无不当行为记录;
  • 具有大学本科或以上教育背景,具有职位所需的专业知识,相关工作经验和管理能力;
  • 具有职位所要求的专业资格 / 证书,包括但不限于保险销售从业人员资格证书、国内基金证书
  • 拥有四年以上金融领域工作经验或六年以上相关经济领域工作经验(包括两年以上金融领域工作经验);
  • 具有职位所需要的独立工作能力;
  • 有多年银行工作经验,有相关管理经验者优先;
  • 灵活激变的思考分析能力,帮助银行拓展相关业务;
  • 良好的人际交流和沟通水平,有能力开发和维护与客户、政府官员及高层管理的关系;
  • 熟悉银行的运营流程;
  • 良好的市场分析能力,熟悉银行金融产品、金融服务、证券市场、个人信贷及其他个人投资业务知识;
  • 具有良好的人际沟通技巧及应变能力;
  • 具有领导才能和人格魅力,能激励团队不断发展。

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