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  • 01 Aug 18

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China Taiping Life Insurance (HK) Company Limited


Discretionary bonus

To cope with our business growth, we are eager to invite highly motivated professional to join our team.


  1. 参与制定、修订集团合规管理政策及年度合规管理计划,并推动贯彻落实
  2. 参与实施合规风险监测、识别、评估,对集团重大合规风险提出应对和改进建议并督促落实
  3. 组织关联交易的审查管理,进行关联交易的判断和安排关联交易审批手续,根据监管规定报送关联交易报告
  4. 配合开展集团反洗钱、反保险欺诈、防范非法集资等专项合规管理工作,根据监管规定报送合规管理、案件责任追究情况等有关报告
  5. 定期对系统违规及受处罚的情况进行分析,提出解决建议
  6. 其他日常合规管理工作


  1. Participate in developing compliance guidelines and annual compliance management plans of the Group, and continuously make improvements on compliance policies and procedures
  2. Participate in monitoring, identification and assessment of compliance risks to ensure quality of operational and internal control is maintained at Group's recognized standard and able to identify inherent risks on an on-going basis
  3. Review the related transactions, arrange the approval procedures of the related transactions, and submit report according to China Insurance Regulatory Commission's regulatory requirements
  4. Participate in anti-money laundering management, anti - insurance fraud management, preventing illegal fund-raising management, and compile various reports and coordinate compliance related reporting according to China Insurance Regulatory Commission's regulatory requirements
  5. Analysis administrative penalty affairs and judicial cases, and provide advisory
  6. Other daily compliance works



  1. 教育背景:本科及以上学历,法律、审计、经济、金融等相关专业
  2. 工作经验:2年以上金融机构合规、审计相关工作经验
  3. 工作技能:熟练使用办公软件;良好的文字能力
  4. 其他要求:为人正直、真诚;有团队精神,沟通合作能力强;善于钻研,学习能力强;有较强的责任心


  1. Bachelor degree or above in a related discipline, such as law, audit, economics, finance, etc.
  2. Minimum 2 years' compliance, audit experience, preferably with knowledge of related regulatory requirements and guidelines
  3. Good use of office software, good command of written and spoken English and Chinese, including Putonghua
  4. Other requirements: honest and sincere, have team spirit, good communication and cooperation skills, have a strong sense of responsibility

备注: 此工作岗位是为中国太平保险集团有限责任公司服务。


About this employer

China Taiping Insurance Group Ltd (abbreviated as“China Taiping”) is a Chinese state-owned financial and insurance group whose management headquarters is located in Hong Kong. China Taiping Life Insurance (Hong Kong) Company Limited (abbreviated as “TPLHK”) is a wholly-owned life insurance subsidiary of China Taiping Insurance Holdings Company Limited under the China Taiping (abbreviated as “China Taiping Holdings”, HK00966), which is responsible for life insurance business in Hong Kong. TPLHK started its business since 22 Dec 2015. To support our rapid development, we are eager to invite highly motivated professional to join our team.

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