Senior Blockchain Engineer / Blockchain Architect Senior Blockchain Engineer / Blockchain Architect …

Linear Finance
in Hong Kong
Permanent, Full time
Last application, 30 Oct 20
Linear Finance
in Hong Kong
Permanent, Full time
Last application, 30 Oct 20
  • Communicate the design and requirements of DeFi products with team members
  • Design, develop, test and deploy web applications and Ethereum smart contracts
  • Participate in the sprint meeting to maximize human resources and assist other engineers to get started and complete work when necessary
  • Record and manage project progress, organize and write development documents
  • Clearly identify the priorities and tasks and have good sense of time management

 Job Requirements 

  • Full-time bachelor degree in a large-scale university, major in computer science or other related majors, 
  • At least 8 years of code development experience and at least 2 years of blockchain-related work experience
  • Experience in DeFi applications is preferred
  • Proficient and expert in consensus algorithms, including but not limited to PoW, PoS, DPoS, PBFT, Paxos, Raft, etc.
  • Familiar with Solidity is a must
  • Participate in various blockchain development communities and contribute original code priority would consider an asset
  •  Proficient in development languages ​​other than Solidity such as Rust is preferred
  • Have a strong sense of responsibility for the product, will actively test and improve product functions, and continuously optimize code quality and user experience
  • Able to read and write articles, technical documents and product requirements in English
  • Able to communicate effectively and efficiently with other team members and have good English writing skills.
  • Familiar with the Linux operating system, proficient in the principles of Docker container technology, deployment and use optimization;
  • Familiar with HTTP/2 protocol, understand gRPC framework. 


About us 

Linear Finance is the world's first cross-chain compatible and decentralized synthetic asset exchange. We aim to solve the problems of traditional finance, such as long settlement time, high transaction fees, and information asymmetry. 
Imagine a stock investor who wants to set up a stock account abroad. The KYC process has already taken at least 2 weeks, plus the transfer of legal currency and liquidation will be an extra 3-5 days. Assuming that the user wants to dabble in the risk exposure of cryptocurrency, it will take another few days here. 
With Linear, users can freely switch the risk exposure of different asset classes. The price is based on the oracle and is traded with the entire pledge pool, which becomes Peer-2-Pool's the new "P2P". In the long run, Linear can list different types of assets, and different interesting assets can be proposed by the community, such as NFT index, DeFi index and more. As long as there is a source of price/index, it can become an asset on Linear. Since Linear can "synthesize" any asset, allowing everyone to switch at will, it can be seen that Linear’s total potential market (TAM) is simply boundaryless.  
The main members of the Linear team are all graduates from famous universities in the United States and Hong Kong. They have decades of experience in blockchain protocols, cross-chain compatibility, financial dApp, game development, etc. They are also solid with their financial background from Blackrock, Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse, Paris, France Professionals from banks and Standard Chartered Bank are familiar with various financial products. 

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