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State Street Corporation
in Fukuoka, Fukuoka-ken, Japan
Permanent, Full time
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State Street Corporation
in Fukuoka, Fukuoka-ken, Japan
Permanent, Full time
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State Street Corporation
Transactnl Srvcs Spclst, A2
Job Duties:
  • Overall control and confirmation of pricing processes conducted by an affiliate in China who SSTB Fukuoka outsources pricing tasks. The pricing processes include the affiliate to obtain prices from internal system and vendors based on clients' instructions, enter prices in investment trust fund NAV calculations systems after checking accuracy and validity of market, currency and price, and confirm auto system connection of security prices that are auto-fed.
  • Manage price lists prepared by the affiliate
  • Conduct variance check between current and previous day prices to confirm reasonableness, and inquire the affiliate and vendors if unusual price movements found
  • Send request to obtain prices of new and repurchased securities and enter in systems
  • Prepare and check price reports, and report to clients
  • Inquire clients in regards to what price to apply; for instance, when price is not obtainable, and client specified vendors do not provide price.
  • Prepare and check price reports to trustees and give them instructions
  • Check price and make necessary corrections in case of NAV un-match
  • Oversight of the affiliate in China who SSTB Fukuoka outsource pricing related tasks
  • Make both internal and external communications in case incidents and issues arise

Required skills
  • Knowledge and interest in securities, derivatives and financial markets
  • Intermediary level Excel skill

Necessary skills
  • Knowledge in bookkeeping
  • English level sufficient enough to deal with affiliate in HZ via email, phone and internal chat tool.

Company Overview

From technology and product innovation to corporate responsibility and community development, we're making our mark on the financial services industry. For more than two centuries, we've been helping our clients safeguard and steward the investments of millions of people - strengthening markets, building communities and creating opportunities for growth.

We owe that longevity to the commitment, expertise and creativity of our employees. Our continued success depends on our ability to attract and develop the best talent in the industry. That's why we're keenly focused on employee development, corporate citizenship and inclusion.

For us, success comes in the mark we make as an organization - for the industry, our clients, our communities and each other.