Alternative Fund Administration Manager, VP Alternative Fund Administration Manager, VP …

State Street
in Tokyo, Tokyo-to, Japan
Permanent, Full time
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State Street
in Tokyo, Tokyo-to, Japan
Permanent, Full time
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State Street
Alternative Fund Administration Manager, VP
Overview of Expected Scope of Role and Responsibilities :
  • To ensure that deliverables and services regarding clients' investments to Alternative vehicles are properly managed by trust services and aggregators services.
  • Keep informed on deliverables, investments and provide review/guidance when necessary
    • Have the ability to perform the service functions if required
  • Escalate any items or issues that are deemed to impact client experience
  • Ensure on-boarding of new funds are successful and there is proper communication across all teams
  • Be an Alternative Assets resource to clients to provide them with industry knowledge, best practices, my experiences and guidance on how to proceed
  • Engage with team members and other stakeholders to support and provide help when needed
  • Provide the tools and resources to the team to ensure success and meeting their goals/performance priorities
  • Review and monitor the operating model for the Trustee and Aggregator service to ensure it operationally sound and is provides value to the client
    • Includes how the Trust Ops teams and AIS team is involved in the servicing
  • Implement required change that improve our services and increases the capabilities of our team members. This is both operationally and alternative specific.
  • Create/develop the future state model of the Alternatives Team. Implement the plan to ensure we are we prepared for future growth and new clients.
  • Conduct training and knowledge transfer to direct and indirect stakeholders.

Business as Usual :
  • Contact point for Team Manager's on Alternatives concerns such as work load, upcoming activity, staffing concerns and training.
  • Monitoring/reading all emails related to Alternative Servicing (Trust & Aggregator) including Ops, SRO and within Alts Team
    • Especially external emails from Ops team to ensure proper and quality of communication. Raise to Managers if it can be improved.
  • Monitoring Alts Volumes to ensure proper headcount for current/future activity
    • Work with Trust Ops Manager on FTE analysis and review to understand activity drivers for Alts
  • Watching big picture of servicing to connect the pieces and identify areas for improvement
    • Filling in the gaps of model or activities to understand end to end process. (Contributing in meetings or on Ad Hoc basis)
    • Weighing SRO/Client's needs & operations capacity, risks
  • Review on Alts Pricing Updates both cash adjusted and new NAV statements
    • Recon with AIS pricing and reporting
  • Provide and produce Management Updates on Servicing or Ad Hoc Request related to Alternative Servicing (Ex. Requests from Mgmt. to do presentations on Alts)
  • Resource for different stakeholders when it comes to alternatives, operating model, client request questions or insights
  • Support SRO on General Partner queries and arranging documents or information related to client's account
  • Contribute to Alts Task Meeting - Big picture, observation, concerns, items to think about
  • Coordinate or support any Alts Team related activities/actions such as SRO to Alts tasks transfer, PMO transfer, etc.
  • Ensure Alts Team Stakeholders are on relevant Alts related communication

AIS Point of Contact & Monitoring for SSTB:
  • Monitoring SSTB activity for AIS action items
  • Ensuring relevant documents are sent over to AIS team
  • Send over new investment details
  • Monitor AIS activity for quality, timeliness and deliverable schedule
    • See AIS SLA or SSTB Tasks List
  • Ensure SSTB takes action on AIS items and/or responds to AIS queries
  • Provide updates or training when required and vice-versa seek guidance from AIS on any items
  • AIS user access request need to be sent through AIS team