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in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Permanent, Full time
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in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Permanent, Full time
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Product Owner
About the Role
SWIFT is looking for an experience Product Owner to lead the KYC-SA Squad, an multidisciplinary Agile Squad of 12 close-knit members working on the full life-cycle of the "KYC Security Attestation" and "KYC-SA for Supervisors" products

The ideal
The Ideal Candidate would be a highly-motivated individual experienced in leading multidisciplinary software development teams working with the Agile Methodology. Such an individual would be excited to dream about a vision for the products and share this vision with all involved parties with passion.
The team being multidisciplinary - From customer-facing marketing to development and testing to production and maintenance, the Product Owner we are looking for would be (willing to be) knowledgeable in all stages of the product life-cycle. A key quality is to be able to listen and understand to the comments and concerns of all the Squad members and modulate the replies depending on the audience to be sure that the understanding and collaboration is kept at the highest constantly.
The ideal candidate would be willing to challenge the status quo by constantly aiming to improve how things - technical, functional and interpersonal - are done and would have an nontarnishable passion for innovation.
As the human aspect of Agile methodology is key, the ideal candidate would show strong signs of empathy towards his/her peers and would genuinely be interested in the growth and happiness of his fellow Squad members.
The promise
To this ideal candidate, SWIFT proposes the leadership of a close-knit team of individuals working on a challenging set of products acting as the embodiment of the Customer Security Programme of SWIFT, a key programme that all the financial institutions active on the SWIFT network have to abide to.
As the Product Owner, the roles and responsibilities are as follows:
•Be the overall responsible person for the software products delivered to support SWIFT's Customer Security Programme
•Define and drive the implementation and delivery of a long-term vision for these products as well as quarterly objectives•Vision of not only the functionalities provided for the customers but as well technical innovations and continuous improvements to the way the Squad works. The vision is all-encompassing.
•Interact frequently with the stakeholders representing the customers to understand and clarify their needs
•Brainstorm within the Squad to find the best way to answer to those needs and to prioritize them
•To help resolve all the hiccups that the Squad might stumble upon in order to deliver the highest quality products frequently
•To have a very tangible impact on the growth of the team members the KYC-SA Squad is composed of by understanding them, supporting them, helping them and driving them to be the best version of themselves.
Being the Product Owner of the KYC-SA Squad is a demanding but very rewarding job. Expect some hard-work but a lot more fun, excitement and pride.
In order to work and lead the KYC-SA Squad,The following skills are a must:
•Perfect verbal and written communication in English
•Being a self-driven, motivated and purpose-led individual: The Product Owner, from the interactions with the Squad and stakeholders needs to become the embodiment of a vision for the product. Being passionate about it is key to get everyone on board.
•Being able to drive key objectives supporting the vision and define and apply strategies to get to the expected results.
•Clear understanding of the Agile Methodology and proven experience working in teams making use of it.•While the Product Owner will join a Squad of people proficient in the Agile methodology and is supported by Agile Coaches, having a clear and firm understanding of what the Agile methodology means is an absolute necessity to understand how to drive the Squad properly and swiftly.
•Experience leading / driving a software development team. Either from a functional or technical point of view, the candidate must feel safe and relaxed discussing with his team, peers and stakeholders to collectively craft, design and drive the implementation of a vision into a piece of software.
•The candidate must have an innovative mindset, be willing to challenge the status-quo and support the Squad members to give the best of themselves to produce high-quality results.
The following bits of knowledge are a plus because they are in use in the Squad. They will help the Product Owner to fit in the Squad faster. None of them Are a must though as they can be learned on the job.
•Case Management - JIRA
•Documentation - Confluence
•High-level knowledge of software supporting Agile methodology - Not to use them but to understand what the Squad performs with them
•Robot Framework
•Experience in making high-level and detailed plans, reviewing them, editing them and sharing them with interested parties is very useful as well.
•Experience in capturing Customer Requirements
•Experience in working on a functional specification
•Experience in using data-mining tools such as Splunk in order to gain insight as to how the product is used and how / where to improve it

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