Senior Employee MA

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  • 23 Sep 17

Senior Employee MA

ING is looking for...

a Senior Employee MA

Main objectives of the job
Main responsibilities of Cost Management & Benefit Tracking team within Group Finance are focused on two areas: (1) understanding and managing overall cost base of the Bank at a detailed level for countries/functions/cost categories and (2) supporting senior management of ING and various transformation governance bodies in financial tracking of investments and impacts/benefits of transformation/change programs, Accelerate Think Forward in particular.

To reinforce CM&BT team, we are looking for a Senior Employee MA. He/she will be responsible for various activities related to gathering, analysis and reporting of Bank expenses & FTEs at granular level. Among others this includes:

  • Perfor m ing activities related to the provision of clear, accurate, ti m ely and co m p lete data with respect to the past (trends), present (budget vs. actual) and future (Forecast / MTP) regarding the granular expense categories for various transformation programs and impact thereof on the expenses and headcount of functions, business units, countries, business lines, etc. Internally and externally.
  • Creating and/or contributing to explanations, analyses and advice acco m p anying this infor m ation as well as to (process) improvement initiatives relevant for these tasks.
  • Supporting other (local) finance and portfolio management teams in process improvement initiatives aimed at improving overall quality and timeliness of the above data and analysis.

Key responsibilities / Accountabilities
(Account) and Process Manage m ent
Liaising with designated points of contact within other finance departments and project management teams as well as representatives of the client teams (a.o. MBB, GTO, IR, etc). Translating client and reporting requirements into process impact and deliverables as well as concrete follow-up actions. Translating develop m ents within (local) finance and project management teams into process and data impact analysis and suggested actions.

Cost monitoring
  • Collecting and processing detailed information based on available financial and other sources with respect to cost developments within business units, functions, segments, etc.
  • Ensuring alignment of the collected data with other reporting lines, a.o. change reporting (e.g. towards the CIC), procured spend reporting, overall cost development of the units, external announcements re transformation programs, cost cube.
  • Safeguarding consistency of the explanations and analysis presented to various clients
  • Translating observed cost developments into expected cost developments within reporting units, functions, segments, etc. Challenging and explaining bottom-up FC/MTP submissions, while working closely with local finance and portfolio teams.
  • Contributing to periodical internal (and where necessary) external financial reporting. Coordinating the above with CFOs and the controllers of the LoBs, Business Units, projects, and corporate departments.
Benefit Tracking
  • Collecting and processing detailed information for various transformation programs and expected impact that these will make on the income, expenses, and FTEs of the units, functions, segments, etc. Ensuring timely updates and consistency of the above info.
  • Transacting financial impact of the transformation programs into expected FC/MTP impacts, aligning and challenging versus bottom-up reporting of the units and overall cost monitoring figures. Analyzing any changes in the timing of expected benefit delivery, and translating into the impact on financial roadmap of the transformation initiatives, expected financial milestones, financial results of the units, and externally communicated benefit expectations.
  • Supporting CIC and other relevant parties with evaluation of financial feasibility of the new proposals as well as with monitoring of the progress made on the approved/reviewed cases, financial roadmap and envelope impact.

Policy develop m ent/I m p le m entation & process improvement
Assisting, within the area of responsibility, in the develop m ent and i m ple m entation of tools, procedures and policies. Evaluate existing processes, tooling and definitions used. Flag inconsistencies and improvement possibilities and propose concrete solutions where possible. Support GTO with financial part of global portfolio management tooling roll-out.

Additional information
  • Dealing with confidential information
  • Highly analytical, capable of linking numerous elements into a broad picture and effects
  • A high degree of accuracy required
  • Advanced Excel user, able to manage and process vast quantity of information
  • Excellent communication skills and power to convince
  • Excellent knowledge of the entire organisation, its business and its procedures
  • Excellent command of spoken and written English

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