Loan Data Analyst, CDM Team Loan Data Analyst, CDM Team …

Chatham Financial
in Kraków, Malopolskie, Poland
Permanent, Full time
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Chatham Financial
in Kraków, Malopolskie, Poland
Permanent, Full time
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Loan Data Analyst, CDM Team
We are looking to expand our Debt Management Solutions team (ChathamDirect for Debt Management or CDM). Demand for this service has been growing rapidly and we are looking for individuals who can help us onboard new clients and service existing clients.

Job summary
1. Managing loan financial data

CDM is a powerful set of web-based analytical tools and reporting features combined with professional advisory that our clients (typically real estate funds) depend on for managerial and financial accounting purposes.
  • Team members will be responsible for working with our clients' data related to commercial real estate loan portfolios. They will interact directly with clients to model new loans on Chatham web platform, find missing information and ensure that all transaction details are accurate and complete.
  • Each team member will employ Chatham's internal software to capture relevant information.
  • Meeting client reporting timelines is critical, and likewise the ability to multi-task and prioritize.
  • Collaboration with team members located in different Chatham offices or with other business teams, as well as interacting with CDM's technology team is an important component of this role.

2. Bringing new clients on board
When bringing a new CDM client into Chatham, the loan data analyst will serve as a "financial detective" and:
  • Work directly with clients to understand their debt portfolios and plan the implementation process.
  • Review loan documents to capture the key terms and provisions, identify omissions and inconsistencies and work directly with client to resolve the issues.
  • Generate a schedule of cash flows for all loans based on Chatham's calculations and reconcile them with existing client reports and documentation.
  • Undertake client-facing activities including introducing our debt management system's value proposition to prospective clients, supporting a focused approach to the development of client relationships as well as organizing and leading training sessions on how to use the system.
  • Work with clients on an ongoing basis to: maintain the accuracy of their data, capture refinancing and hedging assumptions for budgeting and forecasting, understand new system requirements and communicate them with the team as well as train new users.

3. Handling challenging data management issues
Compiling and capturing the complete picture of a client's debt is challenging because:
  • Loan documents are complex legal contracts that require time and experience to gain proficiency and expertise. Once these skills are gained, they become highly valuable in our industry.
  • Often clients' data resides in disparate systems, spreadsheets and notebooks across their company. Our clients appreciate that we can manage and centralize their loan information in one place while providing clients decentralized access.
  • The picture of a client's balance sheet is dynamic as they refinance existing loans, issue new debt, make new investments, or prepay existing loans. Therefore, we need to develop ongoing relationships with clients to help ensure that the data in our system remains current and up to date.

Growth Path
It is our desire to see every Chatham team member grow into a greater range of responsibilities and depth of expertise over time. A motivated team member can grow into an expert in loan contracts, a highly valued area of specialization that can be leveraged in many transactions in real estate finance. Team members also become expert client managers, working through many challenging issues over the course of long term client relationships. Team members should also aspire to understand the linkage between real estate finance and Chatham's risk management business, which will result in a deep understanding of many financial instruments and their use. Our goal is to develop you so that you can assume greater responsibility and positively influence those around you.

Individuals with degrees in accounting, finance, economics, or specializations that require a good amount of reading with emphasis on analysis of data seem to be a good fit but we are open to any university specialization as long as the individual possesses the ability to meticulously focus on details while understanding the big picture. We have found those with experience in legal industry have relevant and transferable skills that allow the person to be successful in this role.

Prior experience in economics or finance is not required. Most critically, we are looking for individuals who want to make a long-term commitment to Chatham. We make a substantial investment in each of our employees, and we hope that each Chatham team member will be a lasting and integral part of our future growth and success.

However, some basic criteria are:
  • Excellence with numbers and mathematics
  • Proficiency in English. Knowledge of an additional foreign language will be an asset.
  • Excellent written and spoken verbal skills; the legal terminology in real estate loan contracts can be highly technical and difficult to decipher
  • Capacity for meticulous detail-oriented work
  • Problem solving skills and a deep intellectual curiosity
  • Ability to build and maintain client relationships
  • Strong customer service orientation
  • Exceptional ability to think logically and conceptually
  • Ability to organize and prioritize many evolving and growing responsibilities
  • Drive, determination, and outstanding academic and/or professional accomplishments

Chatham Financial is an independent financial risk management firm helping clients overcome common yet complex capital markets challenges. Chatham works with over 2,000 clients globally, providing advisory and technology solutions to Corporations, Financial Institutions, Private Equity and Real Estate companies. Since its founding in 1991, Chatham has hedged over $5 trillion notional, helping clients understand and use debt and derivatives as a critical piece of their financial strategy. Chatham is a multiple bottom line firm committed to delivering trust and transparency in the capital markets.

As a purpose-driven organisation , we are committed to making a positive impact on our clients, our colleagues, our communities and the capital markets at large. We are an employee-owned, view-neutral services firm, with no affiliation to any financial institution allowing us to serve as independent advisors. Chatham has worked hard to create a distinct work environment that values people, teamwork, integrity and client service. We always strive to do what is right, just and fair, even when no one is looking. We would rather be governed by principles than rules. We believe leadership should be gained through influence and personal character, not by title or tenure. As a result, we have a non-hierarchical, team-oriented organization that is highly collaborative.

The Kraków, Poland Office
The Kraków Office , founded in June 2007, is not an outsourcing center. Rather, we play a major role in serving Chatham's clients as part of a global team. Our office is an integral part of the Chatham worldwide organization, involved in intellectually challenging and highly impactful work. Team members in our Krakow Office work closely with the UK, Asia and US teams.