in Singapore, Singapore, Singapore
Permanent, Full time
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in Singapore, Singapore, Singapore
Permanent, Full time
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We are looking for a senior and self-driven individual who will help shape the future of design in an Insurance Company. You will be a member of the User Experience Design team to bring about Digital Transformation through design leadership and growing the UX design practice. Design is a multifaceted discipline, and hence we are depending on your breadth of design expertise and experiences to lead teams and influence product directions.

As a design lead:

  • Inspire product and design teams to deliver meaningful and user-centered experiences.
  • Infuse lean and agile mindsets and practices in product teams.
  • Overcome the inertia and challenge existing business practices resulting from norms and habits to achieve impactful improvements.
  • Surface assumptions and address them quickly.
  • Communicate research insights and value of design to stakeholders.
  • Define research approaches and plans to obtain useful data and insights.
  • Synthesize issues and frame strategies to define meaningful product directions.
  • Design experiments to test assumptions.
  • Conceptualise products experiences to deliver key value proposition.
  • Run design critique sessions to provide directions for improvements.
  • Define metrics for measuring products success
  • Monitor post-launch performance and lead improvement efforts.



As a design leader:

  • Lead the change with insights and creative solutions.
  • Lead the growth of design and design ops practice.
  • Contribute to the content strategy and design practice.
  • Introduce toolkits, tools and processes to grow the design practice.
  • Reflect opportunities and improvements in rapid and iterative low-fi thinking.
  • Guide the development of hi-fidelity pixel-perfect and interactive experiences.
  • Pay attention to accessibility in designs.
  • Establish the motion design practice.
  • Stay abreast of design trends and inject new design ideas and practices.
  • Lead experiments to validate design concepts.
  • Communicate design principles, direction and specifications to engineers.



Our Requirements

  • 6+ years of UX design experience.
  • Strong work portfolio that demonstrates systematic and creative design thinking as well as a deep understanding of UI design and UX normalities.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Good understanding of information design, information architecture and user psychology.
  • Proficiency in graphic design, motion graphics, digital art, a sensitivity to typography, colour, layout, and a general awareness of materials/textures.
  • Experience in working with a cross-functional team or large-scale software development lifecycle, including waterfall and agile methodologies.
  • Lean and agile as part of their guiding principles in work.
  • Strong sense of curiosity.