About Octopus

Commercial Investment Manager


Octopus Property is one of the industry's leading specialist lenders with an impressive track record and numerous awards. With a highly experienced team and a clear vision for growth, now is an exciting time to join the business as we continue to the next phase of our journey.

As a Commercial Investment Manager, you will be part of the Commercial Team and report to a Commercial Fund Manager. You will be expected to originate, evaluate and progress new commercial term loans through to completion and thereafter monitor their progress through close relationships with the borrower and broker. Generally, we expect c. 20% of completed loans to be sourced directly, with the balance coming through broker relationships which are managed by the Sales Team.


Supporting the deal flow through Octopus Choice, our peer-to-peer platform.

In greater detail, this will involve:

• Researching new enquiries to assess the suitability of the security and in turn, recommending appropriate lending terms
• Viewing all properties prior to completion and discussing any issues arising
• Reviewing property valuations and interrogating assumptions and methodology
• Liaising with the credit team and assisting in the underwriting of the client and if relevant, their business
• Marketing Octopus Property within your network with a view to raising the profile of the company in the commercial property industry and in turn, winning new business
• Thinking about new product developments that will further the growth of Octopus Property.


Competency Requirements

• A qualified chartered surveyor with extensive commercial experience (4-8 years PQE)
• A strong understanding of investment value, the candidate will most likely come from an investment or asset management background
• A strong understanding of risk in the context of property investment, auction and private treaty sales
• Strong Excel skills essential including the ability to question property valuations and run scenarios on potential outcomes
• An excellent network of commercial property investment agents, investors and advisors
• Keen to get out of the office and see the assets and meet the clients.
• This is a role for someone who is excited about joining a fast growing team within a fast growing business and participating in the success of both
• Must be curious and seek to instil automated and digital solutions wherever appropriate.
• Must be comfortable in using technology and leveraging digital applications and media platforms.

Our Values

Be helpful
Random acts of kindness make the workplace a better place so, go out of your way to be helpful, and give people reasons to smile

Be straightforward
Life is complicated enough. Don't make it harder for yourself, or for others. Sometimes the simplest approach works wonders.

Be bold
Every great business started with a flash of inspiration. If you've got a great idea, don't keep it to yourself.

At Octopus, we recognise the importance of embracing diversity in order to create a high performance culture.