Data Sourcing Project Manager

• Work with Risk IT (Market, Credit, Enterprise) to define what information is required to be captured for all data sourcing requests

• Work with the Risk business to identify SMEs who can provide input into data sourcing requirements and locations

• Understand and maintain the various Risk "Data Dictionaries" and the information they hold, including A-Risk, Zeus Master Attribute List, GMETH data dictionary

• Define a standard template for all data sourcing requests, aligned to standard BRD templates

• Co-ordinate/track/manage/report on execution of all requests for a) Identification of data already found in strategic risk data hubs (A-Risk and Zeus) b) Data to be sourced into strategic risk data hubs from authoritative sources

• Direct activities of data sourcing analysts who are executing requests for data sourcing.

• Work closely with BCBS workstream BAs to understand and clarify data sourcing requests

• Identify authoritative sources and work with appropriate Risk IT team to execute sourcing requests

• Co-ordinate with Group Data Management Office to integrate existing Risk data "dictionaries" into Group Data Dictionary

Your team:
You’ll be working in the Credit Risk Workstream of the BCBS239 Programme team in London.

We are:

• Building out the bank's strategic Risk infrastructure

• Developing effective Risk data aggregation/ reporting functionality and capabilities

• Delivering compliance to BCBS239 Principles for Effective Risk Data Aggregation and Reporting

Your experience and skills:
You have:

• Extensive data management/data architecture/ data sourcing experience

• Experience in creating and managing data inventories

• Experience in design, roll out and management of the framework for identification and classification of data sources

• Strong Project and People management skills

You are: 

- Highly structured, organised and able to drive through solutions

– a strong written and verbal communicator, comfortable interacting with colleagues at all levels

– an expert at building networks and connections

– known for hitting deadlines and staying within budget