Head of Analysis


The Investment Management vertical has been established to provide IT change capability for all teams within M&G Pru that are on the investment value chain. The vertical has successfully delivered major transformation initiatives for M&G in the last 2 years including the delivery Aladdin, and creating a digital platform (Azure and Apigee) using Agile methods. The primary objectives for the Investment Management IT vertical are to:

* Build a function that can deliver change at the pace and scale required for an organisation undertaking sustained transformation
* Remove barriers between the business and our team, creating trust and fostering a culture of innovation
* Transform the method of delivery to an end-to-end capability where change is driven through multi-disciplined, business-led teams

Within the next 18 months, M&G and Prudential will merge to create the M&G Pru legal entity. In response to this the IT departments across M&G and Prudential have merged to create an Enterprise IT capability with five business facing verticals (Investment Management Customer Savings & Investments, Wealth Solutions, Global Distribution, and Support Functions & Enterprise Delivery), supported by Enterprise Services delivering common capabilities across the verticals. Whilst the organisational structure has been put in place, there is a lot still to do to operationally set up all the structures and processes required; the aim is to create a true Agile at Scale capability.

In this capacity the Head of Analysis for Investment Management will work alongside the IT Director, the Head of Technology and the business to establish and implement the structures that will enable and support a highly skilled, agile and engaged analysis community within the IT change function in meeting M&G Pru business objectives.

The Head of Analysis will be responsible for ensuring a) exceptional quality of each community within the multi-disciplined teams; b) the evolution and improvement of the community with a clear career path for the employees within it (catering for different aspirations - such as managerial and technical paths); c) sufficient capability and capacity within their communities to deliver to the overall business strategy; and d) new structures are established to deliver Agile at Scale for the coming calendar year, alongside the IT Director.

An indicative example of how teams could be organised in an Agile at Scale model is outlined below, to give an example of what is meant by multi-disciplined teams and communities.

You will be responsible for:

Driving forward Communities

* Create a framework where communities can flourish, removing any obstacles and barriers
* Encourage autonomy and a flat structure within each community - the communities should feel empowered and responsible to evolve their area with all levels of the company taking responsibility
* Ensure each community you are accountable for (Business Analysts, Solution Analysts, Application / Solution Architects /Project Managers) has a clear strategy, aligned to the overall business strategy and other communities, with respect to:
o Embedding agile methods within the community, aligned to the overall direction that you set
o Sharing common experiences, best practice, behaviours, issues and opportunities within and across the communities
o Inputting into the competency framework for your community
o Inputting into overall learning and development plan

Strategic accountabilities/responsibilities

* Accountable for the ultimate success and performance of the analysis community
* Responsible for ensuring the overall vision and annual strategy for change is understood across the team, and for aligning the team's capability and capacity to the strategy
* Responsible for appointing the right people to manage people, and the right people to lead and provide vision
* Accountable for working closely with the Head of Technology to ensure common methods are leveraged
* Responsible for the suitability of Investment Management analysis capability and methods of delivery with regard to operating in an agile framework, taking input from the IT Director, business and wider IT change community. This will include setting the coaching and training strategy, and allocating budget to allow your communities to meet their objectives
* Responsible for driving consistency across your communities and with other areas of M&G Pru
* Responsible for setting, maintaining and tracking against the overall business objectives for your community
* Responsible for setting the competency framework for your community to provide clear direction on career progression. This will include evolving the framework to cover both management and technical career paths

What we are looking for:


* Forward thinking about the development of the community, and how innovative practices can be applied to M&G Pru
* Experience in working with agile / advocate of agile methodology
* Excellent communication skills
* A flexible and adaptable approach


* Passionate about developing people and capabilities
* Provide vision and strategy to a team and engage individuals at all levels
* Experienced in running change / technology teams with line management responsibilities
* Ability to lead and support a team in an effective manner
* Be a role model for good business practices
* Ability to apply experience to the development of line managers

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