Senior Compliance Officer

  • Salary: See description
  • Location: London, England, United Kingdom
  • Job Type: Full time
  • Company: Qatar National Bank (QNB)
  • Updated on: 13 Feb 19


Role Description

  • Performing regular and comprehensive compliance risk assessment and testing as to the approved compliance review plan.
  • Reporting on a regular basis on compliance matters, identifying breaches and the corrective action to be taken to Head of Compliance and Internal Control.
  • To participate in performing regular and comprehensive compliance reviews.
  • To ensure complete and proper implementation of regulations and guidelines.
  • Provide assistance to the Head of Compliance and Internal Control and act as the backup for in case of his/her absence.
  • To develop and co-ordinate bank-wide continuous training courses regarding Central Bank’s regulations and statutory requirements.


  1. Planning:

    To assist in preparing and developing the annual compliance review plan.

    To assist in preparing the Compliance Monitoring Program of the Branch, covering the different Departments.

  2. To Assessment Criteria:

    implement specific steps within the review program to ensure adequate bank wide coverage of Central bank’s requirements and QNB Group policies and procedures.

  3. Monitoring:

    Monitor adherence of business and changes to business practices and products to ensure adequate consideration and compliance of business to regulatory and statutory requirements. 

    Monitor the implementation of new regulations or amendments made to the existing regulations.

    Monitor action taken on Central Banks inspectors’ recommendations to ensure effective implementation.

    Monitor the implementation of the new guidelines provided by QNB Head Office.

  4. Compliance Review and Training:

    Participate in conducting scheduled and ad hoc compliance reviews as per the approved annual compliance review plan.

    Review new and amendments made to relevant policies, procedures, services and products to ensure that the implementation is within regulations and guidelines.

    Review system changes and or enhancements of Central Banks returns to ensure that the implementation is within Central Banks guidelines.

    Promoting employees awareness by developing and coordinating bank-wide continuous in-house courses and  e-training regarding compliance issues and requirements.

  5. Reports:

    Submit periodic reports to Head of Compliance / Internal Control detailing cases of non-compliance with Central Banks’ regulations and statutory requirements.

    Prepare a report for every assignment conducted detailing the review objectives, scope and outcome. 

    Prepare the Compliance monitoring Program (CMP) of the Branch.

    Participate in preparing the monthly/Quarterly compliance report sent to Group Compliance.

  6. Local Central Bank / Legal Authorities:

    Liaise with the regulator whenever required, respond on queries and communicate issues raised by them and follow up such issues until final resolution.

    Coordinate between the regulator inspectors and bank’s divisions, Departments and Branches to facilitate their mission.

    Participate in carrying out the mandatory verifications and reviews required by the regulator. 

  7. Anti Money Laundering:

    Conduct scheduled and AML reviews as per the approved annual review plan.

    Assess the anti money laundering review conducted by the business units / branches for the daily and monthly reports with immediate reporting on non-compliance cases. 

    Review new and amendment made to relevant policies and procedures, services and products to ensure that the implementation is within AML regulations and guidelines.

    Performing regular testing to ensure full compliance to KYC policy, which should include all type of customers and counterparties.

    Perform the regular monitoring of the customer names and transactions to identify any unusual transactions, through Safe Watch and SAS AML Solution


  • Bachelor degree with professional qualifications such as Cycle Expert ITB/certification AMF/certification CAMS
  • Minimum 4-6 years’ experience of control / audit procedures and knowledge of compliance in banking institution or regulatory agency preferably in compliance or internal audit function.