Health and Safety & ESG Manager

  • Salary: Negotiable
  • Location: Tadworth, England, United Kingdom
  • Job Type: Full time
  • Company: Fidelity International

The Company Health & Safety and ESG Manager will oversee the statutory Health & Safety obligations of the organisation, providing operational and strategic Health & Safety oversight to all areas of the business. The role will also support and develop an integrated global approach in the context of Corporate Property Services to Corporate Social Responsibility and matters relating to ESG.

Title: Associate Director Health & Safety and ESG

Department: Corporate Property Services

Location: Flexible within UK and Europe

Reports To: Head of Corporate Property Services

Key Responsibilities

  • To coordinate and lead, write, implement and review company policy and procedures on all matters relating to health and safety (H&S) across the UK and Europe and advise other offices worldwide on H&S best practice
  • Manage the Fidelity Health and Safety Committee and coordinate the running of other committees globally as required
  • Monitor current statutory H&S obligations and respond to changes to legislation in a timely fashion to ensure organisational compliance
  • Liaise with Legal and Compliance with respect to any other requirements that may arise from time to time
  • Prepare safety strategies for company buildings or areas under company control and monitor implementation of such strategies
  • Source, deliver and maintain effective H&S management processes and systems
  • Source, deliver and maintain any H&S related equipment or supplies as may be necessary in partnership with Corporate Services
  • Prepare the annual budget for H&S expenditure and any capital expenditure (CAPEX) projects as may be required
  • Identify vendors & negotiate preferential rates for the delivery of H&S products & services
  • Establish and maintain risk assessments across all areas of the business to identify possible H&S exposure. Implement control measures identified in such assessments to reduce exposure for the business as far as reasonably practicable
  • Develop and maintain effective accident reporting procedures in partnership with Corporate Security including across all working styles and locations
  • Develop accident investigation processes, to include communication, cooperation and liaison with other departments (such as Human Resources, Legal and Corporate Communications)
  • Prepare and support the delivery of both in-house and industry accredited H&S training, guides and toolkits with content appropriate for all working styles and locations across the business
  • Establish and maintain effective relationships with local authorities or other legislative bodies and professional organisations to ensure maximum benefit is gained from industry resources
  • Prepare and support the delivery of any H&S related management reports as may be required by the organisation
  • Periodically (at least annually) audit company H&S policies, procedures and performance
  • Maintain records to demonstrate regulatory compliance and provide a basis for continuous improvement in organisational H&S performance
  • Provide management and technical support for any legacy systems previously developed
  • Coordinate with Corporate Real Estate, Corporate Services or any other department in relation to new projects or buildings to provide H&S oversight
  • To support and develop an integrated global approach in the context of Corporate Property Services to Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • To support the new Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) initiatives being developed by the Investment Management group that may include creating guidelines relating to the procurement and delivery of services as well as the operation of premises.
  • To provide advice on establishing realistic environmental goals, measurements and KPI's around ESG.
  • To advise on relevant certification and industry best practices
  • To support any needs for external disclosure, such as in the preparation and submission of responses to request for proposals from potential clients
  • To consider, recommend and develop other ESG / CSR related goals as appropriate
  • To prepare regular reporting against a series of measurable criteria for consideration by senior management on progress against targets
  • Undertake any other ad-hoc duties as may be requested by senior management

Experience and Qualifications Required

The successful candidate should possess suitable relevant qualifications and experience including one of the following:

  • Member of the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health
  • NEBOSH National Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety, or as a minimum a General Certificate.
  • Ability to work effectively across functions and regions to implement consistent standards and practices will be essential.
  • Subject matter expert in Health & Safety best practices, innovation and thinking
  • Subject matter expert in ESG matters, with particular reference to the built office environment, current best practices and industry trends
  • Strong business partnering and project management skills

Great minds, better together.

Fidelity International is an equal opportunities employer and is commited to a policy of treating all its employees and job applications equally.