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in Mesa, AZ, United States
Permanent, Full time
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in Mesa, AZ, United States
Permanent, Full time
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Program Manager
Program Delivery Manager
Science / Engineering graduate Responsibility:
Account Operations:
  • Review the operational parameters which impact the bottomline (eg pyramid size, utilization etc) for the Project to ensure margins are met.
  • Raise invoices, as and when due.
  • Submit monthly budget plans and seek approvals required in case of any deviations.
  • Communicate and build awareness around MSA and contractual terms.
Opportunity Identification and Pursuit:
  • Identify areas of valueadd in the current Project which can be taken up for account mining.
  • Support opportunity pursuit when requested (eg differentiators, estimates, underlying risks, scope etc).
  • Submit draft proposal for review to the Program Delivery Manager.
  • Contracting: Build an understanding of the MSA structure.
  • Prepare or validate the SOW / work orders inclusive of scope and milestones, acceptance criteria for the Project.
  • Negotiate on resources, time, scope, milestones within the scope of the Project.
Program Setup:
  • 1 Project Planning: Create Project plan including aspects such as cost, schedule, scope, requirements, risk, quality, communication & stakeholder management, effort estimation, resource planning.
  • Seek review comments from Program / Engagement Manager and customer (as required).
2 Risk Management and Dependency Management:
Identify and manage Risk during Project onset and during the course of the Project
  • 3 Establish Project review and communication governance.
  • 4 Estimation and Resource Planning: Leverage scientific models to arrive at effort estimation and subsequently resource loading and scheduling.
  • Work with support teams eg Admin, HR to ensure resources are available.
  • Understand Project boundaries against SOW (scope of work, out of scope and assumptions).
  • Accountable for internal and customer Project environment including knowledge repository, C20, Project administration tools/applications, helpdesk/ticketing system, customer network connectivity, etc.
  • Setup team work environment wrt desktops/software/workspace.
  • 5 Requirements Gathering: Coordinate/ work on requirements gathering and execution process.
  • Identify key acceptance criteria items, key dependencies and complexity to be managed.
Program Delivery:
  • 1 Requirements Understanding: Understand high level requirements.
  • Plan and track work packages under purview.
  • Understand and manage intercomponent dependencies within a work package and interwork package dependencies.
  • Validate that the requirements given are ready and full to be taken up by the Technical Lead and the team.
  • Identify gaps in requirements vs the envisaged high level scope and milestone (including NFRs, usability, user adoption and other implicit requirements).
2 Status Reporting:
Prepare status reports and conduct management reviews with applicable stakeholders
  • 3 Signoff: Review design and architecture artifacts through the design, development and implementation phases as applicable.
  • Oversee timely reviews and sign off by the customer.
4 Re-planning:
Undertake continuous re-planning and reprioritization as required to complete the Project on time
  • 5 Scope Management: Conduct an impact analysis on the cost and other organizational parameters and report to the customer of any changes in the Project.
  • Perform Project estimation reviews and get approval from customer.
6 Escalation Management:
Inform the relevant client stakeholders in a timely manner, in case of exceptions
  • 7 Metrics Management: Generate and review Project metrics and identify deviations.
  • Identify and drive corrective actions.
  • Resolve any escalated issues and escalate further, as required.
Change Management:
  • Set up the Change Control procedures which include a Change Register, Change Impact Analysis and a Change Approval Process for the Project.
  • Making relevant changes to the SoW to reflect the same.
Relationship Management:
  • Act as the point of contact on the Project delivery, for Project related updates with the client and for regular communication of Project updates.
  • Understand issues from the client perspective and provide appropriate solutions.
  • Liaise with relevant stakeholders (onsite Project team, horizontal teams, client team, Delivery Manager, Program Manager, etc) as required.
People Management:
  • Allocate work among team members.
  • Resolve team conflict & support team building activities.
  • Provide administrative support as and when required.
  • Provide inputs on goal setting and performance appraisals of team.
  • Identify skill gaps and training needs of team members and provide necessary support to address the same.
  • Provide inputs into the learning and career plans for team members.
  • Nominate team for awards.
  • Conduct training through academy and induction of new team members.
  • Establish backup plan for critical roles (for contingency).
Knowledge Management:
  • Identify reusable assets.
  • Review any best practices / innovations as circulated within the group.
  • Identify Project level tools or other items to be built for the Project.
  • Participate and network with Community of Practice to discuss/ resolve any business problems as faced during projects.

Must Have Skills
  • Portfolio & Project mgmt (PPM)
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