Inventory Accountant

What we do

We source, store, ship and distribute agricultural products including coffee, sugar, molasses and grains. We trade those products around the world, and with some, we process and brand them for industrial customers and the supermarket shelves.

We help many of our customers manage pricing risk through financial products. For others we act as a broker, executing orders for hedge funds and professional traders. And we do our own clearing through exchanges, such as the Chicago Board of Trade and the London Metals Exchange.

Why we do it

There’s a lot of uncertainty in the world – situations change; crops fail – but we’re known for making sure our customers can still do business. It’s a stance we’ve held to be true since 1783.

For us, it’s about managing risk and providing security. For example, we help our farmers grow better-quality crops, more sustainably, by teaching them agricultural techniques that will keep their land productive for future generations.

That way we can help our growers achieve a better, more sustainable standard of living. And we help protect our customers from that price-change volatility with tools such as hedging and futures.

How we do it

We do business across the world, but we’re small enough that business feels personal.

As group of companies, we use our diverse strengths to help our customers succeed – not just the people who buy from us; we think of our colleagues and suppliers as customers too.

~~Review sales and inventory reports for accuracy and variances.
• Prepare monthly journal entries related to cost of sales, inbound/outbound freight, purchase orders and other related accruals & prepays.
• Reconcile and review inventory related and other assigned general ledger accounts.
• Review accounts receivable sub-ledgers and compare to general ledger monthly.
• Manage and process rail freight and rail lease invoices and review/reconcile related general ledger accounts.
• Process assigned intercompany recharges and billings.
• Prepare quarterly, semi-annual and annual feed inspection fee returns.
• Analyze general ledger to sub-ledger modules make adjustments accordingly.
• Perform mid-year and year-end inventory audit. Work with auditors and provide them with financial data.
• Provide administrative support to management, operational staff, and administrative personnel.
• Monitor compliance with generally accepted accounting principles and company procedures.   Review, investigate, and report errors and inconsistencies in inventory/financial entries and similar documents.
• Take the initiative to identify problems, use judgment to find appropriate solutions and follow through on resolving issues in a timely manner. Support team efforts, actively work to generate respect and enthusiasm, cooperate with others, and actively learn from other team members.
• Interact and communicate with customers, vendors, and co-workers in a professional and appropriate manner and respond to and give feedback in a respectful and positive manner.

Skills & Qualifications

      Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting or related area

     Two years of accounting or inventory experience.

 Knowledge of accounting principles and ability to accurately apply and use financial and accounting concepts.

 Ability to read, analyze and interpret general business and professional journals, technical procedures, governmental regulations, financial reports and legal documents.

 Ability to effectively present information, communicate with, and respond to questions and complaints from co- workers, management, customers, and the general public.

 Ability to interact with others in a professional and appropriate manner and to establish and maintain effective working relationships with a diverse group of individuals.

 Proficient with computers and applicable software (Excel, Word, Oracle or similar accounting software).

 Ability to solve problems and ability to interpret instructions, policies and data.


 Ability to perform work with considerable independence under the general direction of supervisor.

 Capable of reporting to work on time prepared to perform the duties of the position and willingness to perform duties as necessary.