Security Engineer Security Engineer …

State Street Corporation
in Burlington, MA, United States
Permanent, Full time
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State Street Corporation
in Burlington, MA, United States
Permanent, Full time
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State Street Corporation
Security Engineer
P r i m a ry P urp o se of P o si t i on:

Subject Matter Expert (SME) for Corporate IT Security. Review, design, implement and monitor all IT security related items and artifacts. Perform system administration activities associated with in-house technologies.

Essential Functions:
  • Manage the corporate infrastructure including but not limited to Active Directory, SCCM, Office 365, IT Audit etc.
  • Have extensive knowledge of "Office 365 Security and Compliance Center"
  • Design and implement a "Vulnerability Management" program
  • Revise and manage our "Patch Management" program
  • Review and create IT Policies and Procedures.
  • Create and deploy SCCM software packages
  • Monitor, test and push Microsoft Windows Updates using SCCM
  • Manage Active Directory including but not limited to Group Policies Management, DHCP, DNS etc.
  • Perform monthly AD Auditing
  • Manage the Microsoft Certificate Authority server
  • Responsible for updates to Cisco Umbrella
  • Investigate and remediate threats detected by Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics
  • Review Digital Guardian (DLP) alerts and take appropriate action when necessary
  • Respond to and remediate any Qualys scanning and vulnerability issues found
  • Configure and manage Azure Enterprise applications for SSO, ServiceNow, Webex etc.
  • Provide assistance to the internal Risk department with periodic clients' IT audit

N o n - E s s e n ti a l F u n c ti o n s :
P er f o r m o t h e r d u t i es as as s i g n e d .

R e q ui r eme n t s a n d Q u a l i fi c a ti o n s :
T e c h ni c al Requirements:
  • BS / MS d e gree i n a t e c h n i c al f i e l d su c h as Co m p u ter Sc i e n c e, C o m p u ter In f o r m at i on S y s te m s , E n g i n e e r i n g , o r a n ot h er tech ni c a l l y r e l a t ed f i e l d
  • CISM and/or CISSP certifications
  • Familiar with Office 365 Tenant Administration
  • Experience with Office 365 Security and Compliance Centers
  • 7 -10 y e ar s ' work e x p e r i e n c e with one or m ore of t h e f o l l o w i n g : Active Directory, Azure, SCCM, DNS, DHCP
    • Vulnerability Management
    • Experience with Patch Management using SCCM
    • Anti-virus software, intrusion detection, firewalls and content filtering
    • Risk assessment tools, technologies and methods
    • Disaster recovery, computer forensic tools, technologies and methods
    • Panning, researching and developing security policies, standards and procedures
  • Professional experience in a system administration role supporting multiple platforms and applications
  • Ability to communicate network security issues to peers and management
  • Ability to read and use the results of mobile code, malicious code, and anti-virus software

G e n eral R e q ui r e m e n t s :
  • S tro n g w r i t t en a n d v erb a l c o m m u ni c at i on s k ill s , w i th great a tt e n t i o n t o d e t a i l .
  • S e l f - m ot i v at e d w i th t he a b i l i t y to o p erate i n d e p e n d e n t l y - a c h i e vi n g re s u l ts w i t h o u t c l o s e su p er v i s i on - wh i l e a l s o o p era t i n g a s p art of t h e l ar g er S u p p ort t e a m .
  • De m o n s trat e d p r a c t i c a l , h a n d s - o n , ' c an d o ' a p proa c h, a b l e t o work e f f i c i e n t l y a nd cr e a t i v e l y , e ff e c t iv e l y m a n a ge
c h a n g i ng pri o r i t i es a n d d ea d l i n e s .
  • Stro n g a n a l y t i c al a n d pro b l e m - s o lv i ng s k ill s .
  • F l e x i b i l i t y w i th sc h e d u l e a n d a b i l i t y to work b e y o nd r eg u l ar b u s i n e s s h o urs as n e e d e d.

Company Overview

From technology and product innovation to corporate responsibility and community development, we're making our mark on the financial services industry. For more than two centuries, we've been helping our clients safeguard and steward the investments of millions of people - strengthening markets, building communities and creating opportunities for growth.

We owe that longevity to the commitment, expertise and creativity of our employees. Our continued success depends on our ability to attract and develop the best talent in the industry. That's why we're keenly focused on employee development, corporate citizenship and inclusion.

For us, success comes in the mark we make as an organization - for the industry, our clients, our communities and each other.

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