Brickendon Consulting have been engaged by a Front Office Structured Derivative Sales team to deliver, advise and implement a technology platform strategy to help drive revenues for the business. 

The successful candidate will join as a Director and work as part of a Brickendon’s leadership team to drive practice thought leadership and engagement with our clients.  


The Actuarial Consultant will possess the following skills and experience;


·       Focus in Equity Derivatives, and other financial products


·       Hedge Accounting for US Insurance Firms knowledgeable in STAT / GAAP Principles


o   GAAP: Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, reporting unrealized gains and losses according to the types of categories the investment falls within.  Unrealized gains and losses that are a result of trading securities are recorded as part of your regular earnings for the year


o   STAT: Statutory Accounting principles specific to the insurance industry.  Difference between GAAP and STAT is the way insurance companies are expected to report any equities that are held.  In STAT accounting, all securities held must be reported as if they were about to be liquidated and this is how they can be reported


·       General understanding of the Accounting and Investment landscape


·       Capital Treatment for NAIC buckets (National Association of Insurance Commissioners)


·       Ability to understand financial products and the impact to the client and to the firm’s client the impact of products on the balance sheets from a GAAP and STAT perspective


·       Great ability to lead and provide knowledge on Accounting principles with regards to Financial products


·       Ability to work in a fast paced environment