Venture Capital & Private Equity Investment Apprenticeship Program Venture Capital & Private Equity Investment  …

Venture University
in New York, NY, United States
Internships & Graduate Trainee, Full time
Last application, 08 Apr 20
Potential profit sharing
Venture University
in New York, NY, United States
Internships & Graduate Trainee, Full time
Last application, 08 Apr 20
Potential profit sharing
VU's VC/PE Apprenticeship Program Enables Individuals To "Learn By Doing", Where They Focus On Deal Sourcing, Due Diligence, Investment Evaluation, Making 2-5 Investments per Quarter, Co-Investing With Top Tier investors, Sharing In The Financial Upside On Investments Made, & Working Alongside Investors With 35+ Yrs Of VC Experience Who've Achieved 4x+ Net Cash Return On $1.8B+

Venture University is the world's leading investor accelerator for venture capital, private equity, and angel investing.

Venture University's investor accelerator offers individuals the opportunity to gain high quality investment experience through a VC/PE Apprenticeship Program and also learn the critical skills of an investor through an Executive Education Program.

Venture University (VU) is the combination of an "investment fund" with a "trade school", where individuals join the investment team of VU Venture Partners, a multi-stage investment fund, investing across Consumer, Enterprise, Fintech, Healthcare, and Frontier tech. Individuals "learn by doing" alongside top performing investment professionals who have invested $1.8B+ over 35+ yrs in 250+ companies and have achieved over a 4x+ net cash return as early investors in Beyond Meat, Facebook, Uber, Venmo, Twitter, and more.

VU's mission is to curate and develop the top diverse investor talent for the venture capital, private equity, and angel ecosystem and to generate consistent and superior financial returns by powering VU Venture Partners, the most scalable venture capital fund in the world.

Venture University adds investors to its team four times per year: Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. Individuals can choose to join Venture University for 1-4 semesters, gaining investment experience for 3 months to 1 year, investing in 3-20 portfolio companies, and immersing themselves into the world of venture capital and private equity.

The next sessions available in NYC:

Spring 2020: March 30th - June 12th
Summer 2020: June 15th - August 28th
Fall 2020: September 21 - December 11th


The Venture Capital & Private Equity Investment Apprenticeship is a full-time program, where individuals join Venture University's trade school and participate on Venture University's investment fund team, focusing on deal sourcing, due diligence, and investment evaluation. A part-time program option is also available for select individuals that can commit to at least three days per week, who may currently be in an undergrad or graduate program, or who have a flexible work schedule.

Individuals also participate in an Academic Program which includes a one week academic investment intensive course, the "VC/PE Masterclass", fireside chats with investors and industry experts, and Academic Night Modules that are 1-4 hrs long and go deep into the topics of venture capital, private equity, and entrepreneurship.
Deal source from accelerators, seed funds, venture funds, private equity funds, startup founders, and strategics
Attend VC / Startup networking events  
Review pitch decks, conduct due diligence, put together investment evaluations and recommendations, participate on investment committees, and support portfolio companies
Make investments during the program, investing up to $1M+ in each company
Individuals in the Investment Apprenticeship Program are offered a Profit Sharing Agreement to benefit from the financial upside from the investments made

Location & Requirements:

You are applying for the VC/PE Investment Apprenticeship Program based in San Francisco or NYC
You must be located in or move to San Francisco or NYC during the program period

Eligibility (must meet one or more of the below criteria):

Individuals looking to join venture capital and private equity funds
Individuals who are new hires at VC/PE funds and starting their new job after the program ends
Angel investors and family offices who seek to professionalize their investment strategies
Aspiring new fund managers
Entrepreneurs who want to learn to think like investors
Experienced professionals who would like to make career transitions. Examples include individuals with 1-3 yrs investment banking and/or consulting experience, individuals who have worked within corporate business development, innovation, or corporate VC, individuals who have worked at a startup and founders of companies
Individuals at corporations that want to launch their own corporate VC
Undergraduate and graduate students
Individuals with extraordinary abilities & exceptional achievements: Individuals who have gone against the odds with spectacular success and/or failure, created something from nothing, executed something to a large scale with limited resources, uncovered and leveraged secrets within market dynamics, acted in creative ways and built solutions to hard problems

The Venture Capital & Private Equity Investment Apprenticeship is unpaid and includes a cost to participate. Individuals accepted into the Investment Apprenticeship receive a Profit Sharing Agreement to benefit from the financial upside from the investments made, which has the potential to return none, some, all, or more than the total cost of the program.