Dominic Liversedge, Fund Manager's Assistant

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8am - Arrive at Taylor Young. The phone is ringing - the screen on my phone tells me it's a broker. &quotAh, morning, Dom, mate, I have the stock for you. It has Taylor Young written all over it, a real winner. It's called blah blah...&quot and so goes the first conversation of the day.

My hearing switches to automatic as I start leafing through mail in my tray. Another invitation to a Christmas party (better things to do), some really exciting requests from some accountants (nearly year end for a few clients), lots of research, and some more cash in (excellent). The broker's voice on the phone changes tone: &quotIn a very similar area to that company I told you about that makes mouse mats. Would you like to come in for a lunch to meet them?&quot Silence - oh, my turn to speak. &quotNo thanks, not really our sort of thing. I'll keep my eye on them though.&quot His enthusiasm has not been dampened. &quotNow I haven't told anyone about this yet, but as you're my favourite client, I'm going to tell you all about Widget plc...&quot

9am - Yawn yawn. On with my screens. Oh good. It's a blue day and all the stocks I look at on the radar screen are up. Some of them do internet-related things or make nuts and bolts for telecom companies, so I'm rather used to seeing blue screens these days (complacency will get the better of me). My ear is hurting. &quotGot to go. Perhaps we can go through that idea later. Bye.&quot Phew. On with some work.

9:30am - What's going on in the world today? Nasdaq pushed through 3,400 yesterday. Dow is up, FTSE is on an all-time high and the main movers of the day are technology related. This is crazy. Starperformer plc, which we bought three weeks ago at about 3, is now 11. It's up another 10% today. That's all well and good, but I want to buy more. Should I or shouldn't I. Scary stuff. Anything interesting for my morning meeting today? A quick internet search to find some juicy stuff. www.redherring provides some good fuel to support the price of Verisign in the US. This is good for one of the UK encryption stocks that we hold. Some good stuff from CNet. The phone rings.

9:45am - &quotHello Mr Bloggington-Smith. How are you? Great, great...&quot Oh dear. A very dull monologue is on its way. Time to flick through some charts on my screen while I'm told about the price of whisky in Finland. It's 15 minutes later, he asks for some money to be transferred to his account to go towards another world cruise. Time to crack on with some work.

10am - Morning meeting. Spend 30 minutes rattling through any inspirations we have or have heard this morning. None from me, apart from a few interesting things from the US - some tech stocks are getting quite heated at the moment. I might reduce some later.

12pm - Off to a company lunch - a telecoms company, so it should be interesting. A good walk over Tower Bridge, into the City, and on to Threadneedle Street for Upandcoming Bank & Co. Wow! A seriously good presentation. Good lunch, and a bit of anorak with the company's chief techie. Back to the office to write up the meeting and try to persuade the others to buy some shares in the company.

2:30pm - Market hasn't moved. Phone rings - another client. He is going to sell some more shares in his business as they are out of the closed period. He will be wiring us the proceeds soon - good stuff. End of conversation.

3pm - Damn. Our network has gone down. I am completely stuck without my computer - what to do? Ring a broker or an analyst for a chat perhaps? No, I'm not that desperate. Amazing that we rely so much on the mouse, keyboard and screen these days. We have an older fund manager here who still thinks the mouse is a foot pedal (although he does have some Microsoft shares) - he hasn't even noticed his computer has been switched off - oh well, on with some research.

3:15pm - Back online. Lots of email to sort through, mostly telling me that the server has gone down, why it has gone down and that it is now working again - delete, delete, delete.

3:30pm - The price of one technology company has really shot through the roof. A perfect opportunity to reduce the holding in a few portfolios. What should I be buying though? No rush. I would like to get hold of some shares in the company I saw for lunch today.

4:15pm - Afternoon meeting. Today we are brain-storming the biotech sector. Quite interesting, as it has been an underperformer for a while and is an area with massive potential. Genetics, cancer treatment - all gripping subjects, but where does that leave us as investors? A few companies to keep an eye on.

5:50pm - It is nearly six o'clock, and the day has shot by. As usual, a mountain of things remain to do, but they will have to wait for tomorrow. Another hour to spend writing out notes to clients we have been dealing for, and then I'm off home. Phew.