BG Careers poaches Kollinsky from Meridian

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Kollinsky joins seven other consultants at BG Careers, which is the career management and outplacement arm of Baines Gwinner.

He joined Meridian in 1989, a few months after the firm was set up. It became one of the City's largest outplacement companies and Kollinsky's most recent role there was in marketing and training as well as consultancy.

Earlier Kollinsky was head of human resources at Den Norske Bank and before that he worked as a recruitment consultant and in fund management.

The outplacement industry is benefiting from current market conditions which have caused thousands of financial services employees to lose their jobs this year.

Philip Beddows, a consultant at BG Careers, said that the unemployed were now often taking longer to find new jobs than earlier in the year, when 12 weeks characterised a typical job search period.

As a result, he said, financial services firms which had been offering standard three-month outplacement packages to staff were now sometimes offering longer ones.

As well as BG Careers, Baines Gwinner comprises a search firm and a financial services training company.

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