Ask the Expert: Should I look to move internally or externally?

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A. The chance would be a fine thing! Private equity jobs are highly prized and if you can find the job you want straight from capital markets assurance in a Big Four firm then well done and go for it!

It seems much more likely, however, that you would have to gain some more relevant experience first - and corporate finance certainly takes you one step closer to private equity. So if there is the chance of an internal transfer, take it.

As a general rule, when making a career change, you are often better off doing so with your current employer, if that is an option. That way you are only changing one thing at a time - the job - not the double whammy of job and organisation.

In practice, it is also often easier to get your current employer to offer you an internal transfer, than to convince an outside organisation that knows nothing about you, to take the risk of employing you - for the outside organisation you are a double risk - a new person, who might not fit into the organisation and is inexperienced to boot.

That's why most career changes are made through networking - because most organisations are risk averse and feel safer employing someone who comes with a personal recommendation from someone they trust.

Next week's question: I am 34 and recently went for an interview with a European investment bank. I fit what they were after almost perfectly and got on well with the person who would be my boss. The one issue raised was that he believed I would be too senior for the position and that I may become bored. I explained that some added experience should be a benefit and not a problem. Sadly I was not asked back solely as a result of my seniority. Indeed, perhaps he was overselling the position initially. However, what is a good way of handling such a situation?

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