Lunchtime Links: Profits plummeting, 10k more job cuts coming

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Perish the thought that the worst of the credit crunch might be over: profits are falling at their fastest rate for 19 years, thousands more redundancies are on the way. (Telegraph)

But banks may have cut headcount in the first half to avoid bonus-related lawsuits in the second. (Financial Times)

"We're in a nasty environment. There is an inflation shock under way." (Telegraph)

Merrill needs more money. (Reuters)

Paying for collaboration at Citigroup. (Reuters)

"Hello, my name is Vikram. Serial number 110110." (Felix Salmon)

HSBC looks within for private bankers. (Wealth Bulletin)

Forget banking, try leveraging the talents of lippy kids. (Independent)

...or becoming a "corporate humorist". (Wall Street Journal)

Credit crunch: the flow chart. (Alea)

Laying off first years. (Dealbreaker)

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