Lunchtime Links: Credit Suisse's cunning plan for re-housing its rejects

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Jamie Dimon's started a trend. After he wrote to everyone he could possibly think of asking them to take in destitute Bear bankers, it seems Credit Suisse is now up to something similar. (Bloomberg)

Deutsche Bank will be profitable after all. (Bloomberg)

And let it be known that neither Deutsche nor UBS have any need of extra capital. (Reuters)

But UBS, Deutsche, Credit Suisse, SocGen and Natixis still have writedowns to come. (FT Alphaville)

UBS and the cosmetic hedge. (Financial Times)

Forget bonuses - UBS staff now have a little more time for themselves. (Dealbreaker)</a

'What Mr Crittenden means is that Citigroup is in 106 countries and has trading desks in 90 of them.' (Wall Street Journal)

Morgan Stanley comes through in capital markets (Financial News), but falls flat in investment banking. (DealBook)

Moody's mistake. (Financial Times)

Resign in style. (Mergers & Inquisitions)

Do central bankers need a PhD? (Economist)

Have you heard the price of game these days? (The Times)

Fancy finding 2m in your bank account? (The Times)

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