"I have lost three jobs in a row"

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I have a dilemma on my hands, and would like some advice.

I'm an investment banker in the Gulf who has suffered from the recent turmoil in the markets.

My career began four years ago at one of the largest Islamic investment banks in Kuwait. In 2007, I received an offer from a well-known European investment bank to come and work in London. Unfortunately, however, the job fell through after I had relocated to the City.

I was then out of work for a total of seven months. After a large number of interviews and the withdrawal of three offers from large institutions, I finally landed a private equity role at one of Australia's largest investment banks. I loved it, but after a few months I was made redundant due to market conditions.

I then returned to the Middle East and found a role as an associate in a boutique. That job has now been lost, too.

I am now thoroughly sick of the ups and downs of this industry. I love the work, but am fed up with the instability. I want to settle in one role.

At this point, I have two future job options and am uncertain which will be the more secure. One is as a senior VP at well respected Asian bank, as head of origination in corporate finance. The second option is working for a small start-up private equity company started by some friends in the UAE; the remuneration here is less, but still good.

In most circumstances, I would go for the first option. However, Asian markets are now hitting recession and I won't start in the role until the middle of December. Am I in danger of being disappointed again?

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