Investment banking: Summer associate positions for MBAs (various banks)

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Talk about the financial crisis.

Do you know how to adjust financial statements if some changes have to be made and know where to find different accounts on each statement?

Are you prepared to solve a case that asked you to use all the above?

Why banking?

Why Europe if you are foreigner, why not Asia, why not NY? Be prepared to justify that you want to stay here for 5 to 10 years in London.

Why the investment banking division?

Favorite books or what do you read?


What recent deals done by the bank that you are interviewing with?

Why should the bank hire you?

How would your team mate describe you?

Why are you changing careers?

Describe your previous experience or anything on your resume.

Tips from the candidate

Valuations - make sure do understand the whole process and be prepared to answer each variable and each step (no need to provide exact details because any finance text books would explain better).

Weakness - don't say things like I am a perfectionist or I work too hard. Be honest about your weakness - I honestly say that I didn't have a lot of finance knowledge and finance work experience (I am a career changer) but I also say that this is exactly the reason that I came to business school in order to improve my financial knowledge.

Asking questions - Some books recommend asking sophisticated questions which demonstrate your knowledge or that you've done your homework on the bank. I personally think no bankers liked to be challenged on some hard technical details and they might be embarrassed if they don't know the answer. So asked them about their experience which I am sure they would be proud to share part of it and asked them about their work, their interests etc.

These questions were provided to us by a candidate claiming to have interviewed at the institution named above. We cannot guarantee that these were the actual questions asked.

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