Lunchtime Links: The only thing for it is to go back to school

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What do you do when you've lost your job and really can't find a new one anywhere? Become a student. According to an article in today's Times, applications to Cass Business school are up 40% year on year. The paper argues that now is the time to do an MBA - assuming, of course, that in two years' time you will be able to earn enough to compensate for the additional 20k+ of debt that this entails.

30-40% of the combined capital markets division at Merrill/BofA could go. (Financial Times)

The UK is finished. (Alphaville)

"The market is alarmed because it can't see the detail or see how it will work - and it doesn't think the government can either." (Telegraph)

"The UK government is looking like a huge bank with some legislative functions attached." (Financial Times)

Vestra Wealth hires rolling stones advisor. (Financial News)

Magnetar (a hedge fund) cuts jobs (Financial News)

New Goldman Sachs managing directors 2009, hooray! (Moneyistheway)

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