Time to have babies?

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In a recession, the birth rate usually dips below the norm. If you're a childless banker, however, the next 12 months may provide the ideal opportunity to procreate.

For female bankers, pregnancy is likely to make employers think twice before making their position redundant. Providing they don't return to work with speed of Rachida Dati, it also provides an excuse to spend several months out of the market when not much is happening anyway.

Male bankers producing offspring in the current environment may actually get to spend some time with their progeny.

"It feels like there might be a bit of a baby boom," says Kate Grussing at Sapphire Partners, an organization which helps place bankers into flexible work. "The opportunity cost is a fraction of what it would have been and there will be a lot fewer transactions and projects to work on."

Let us know below if you adhere to the belief that now's a good time to start/expand your family. Equally, let us know if you recommend refraining until things improve...

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