Lunchtime Links: Why do PE funds only use senior women for investor relations?

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Amidst all the excitement over Gordon's bonus pronouncements (he's gunning for clawbacks) and the FSA's coming powers to ensure that no one earns more than is right and proper, lies an interesting item which does not involve bonuses - KKR has appointed the first ever female managing director in its 32 year history. Suzanne Donohoe, former head of international asset management at Goldman Sachs, will be its co-head of fund raising and investor relations. Deal Journal points out that women are few and far between in private equity - Apollo Management also has only one woman out of 50 partners and she's in investor relations too. Why?

Tarp bonus caps cut to $400k. And that includes stock. (Dealbreaker).

Ex-Lehman banker reincarnated as head of the LSE. (Guardian).

ICAP expanding in equities. (Financial News)

More cuts at Schroders. (The Times)

"Merrill Lynch secretly moved up the planned date to allocate bonuses and then richly rewarded their failed executives." (Financial News)

Geithner needs staff. (Bloomberg)

Doesn't look good for Dresdner bonuses. (Bloomberg)

Starbucks to sell instant coffee. (NY Times)

85% of people think bonuses should be capped. (The Times)

Embrace your manhood. (Bloomberg)

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