Lunchtime Links: Merrill Lynch firing, a few other places hiring

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Merrill Lynch is apparently readying itself for a little more in the way of staff minimization. According to Financial News, up to 16% of all persons in Merrill's former fixed income, currencies and commodities business will be losing their jobs this week. No one will be spared: people in sales, trading and structuring will all be affected.

It's not that bad, however: some places are hiring (although they're not hiring fixed income bankers). Noble & Co, an Edinburgh-based independent investment bank has picked up three Merrill ECM bankers, Bloomberg has plans to recruit for Abu Dhabi, Angola, Belgrade, Doha, Riyadh and Tallinn and Vestra Wealth is 'stepping up' its hiring spree.

UBS only raising most people's salaries by 10-15% (Guardian).

Senior Deutsche bankers peeved after feeling obliged to follow Ackermann and give up their bonuses. (Independent)

Goldman Sachs is the only bank on the best big companies to work for list. (CNN)

List of 19 banks undergoing stress tests. (Wall Street Journal)

Stress tests show one bank needs more capital. (CNBC)

Citigroup to guide employees to better identify personal growth and development opportunities. (DealBook)

Tim Geithner was offered Pandit's job at Citigroup. (Clusterstock)

Greenhill hires insurance banker from UBS. (DealBook)

UBS dumps Jerker, affirms commitment to investment banking. (FT)

I am long face masks, the Yen and novels and short Mexican bonds, airlines and pork belly futures. (Fintag)

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