Portfolio Chick: I am reinventing myself; how about you?

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I'm back. The blogged response to my previous article, Portfolio Chick: The Mother of Reinvention indicated that perhaps another way of explaining its message might be warranted.

Someone queried, "What on earth is the point of this article?" Well, in the current environment, smart people, financiers included, are using the downturn to re-invent themselves. They are making use of the once scarce commodity of time, to step back and think about what they want to do and how they are going to do it.

So you don't want to re-invent yourself as something else? Well, let's not forget that slogging out these days reaps less reward than it once did. That fact alone should prompt a re-think!

Equally, adding to your skills by including a specialist master's degree, an MBA, learning another language, or developing sales and marketing skills, now involves a lower opportunity cost than before. If you're out of the market, you have nothing to lose.

If, like me, you were relatively experienced and senior in banking, now is the time to face reality and accept that the current crisis has irrevocably altered the mix. You can either sit back and wait for the old reality to return, or you can create a new mix.

Personally, I am leaving finance after 25 years. I am taking the experiences, and hopefully the wit and the wisdom I gained during that time, with me. I am re-inventing myself along new lines that are more suited to my interests, and I am moving into the non-exec and consulting fields.

The old order is gone. To prosper and enjoy life in the latter part of the first decade of the 21st century, it is necessary to re-define your career. I am doing this. Are you?

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