Lunchtime Links: Biggish hiring intentions at HSBC

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It is, at last, official. After weeks of tense rumour and speculation, it has indeed been confirmed that HSBC is hiring people. But it's not hiring as many as Barclays Capital is.

Financial News reports that HSBC's particular focus is hiring for its markets operation, and that within this it's zoning in on the equities division. It all sounds a bit reminiscent of 2003-2006 when HSBC hired lots of corporate financiers with limited effect. However, Samir Assaf, global head of markets at the bank, said growth this time around will be less zealous than it was then.

ITG hires new head of sales trading and plans to hire another two sales traders. (Financial News)

US bond trading boutique StormHarbour hires 50 people in the US, wants to open in Europe and Asia. (Financial News)

Bankers' pay soars in attempt to halt exodus. (Financial Times)

"When you have helped manage a financial firm driven to the public trough for survival, it's uncool to gulp down huge bonuses at a time of historic losses." (Bloomberg)

"In previous years it seemed like City jobs were being thrown around. Now you have to be at the extreme top to even get an interview." (Telegraph)

Ex-Merrill executive denies talk of buying back bank. (CNBC)

"I don't think there's a sense anymore that you have to have a retail deposit base or be part of a bank to survive, and credit spreads are telling you that." (Bloomberg)

Nouriel Roubini saves 30% of his income. (The Times)

Paul Tudor Jones lectures school children on how to become a wealthy hedge fund manager failure. (PaulKedrosky)

Financial Times calls for staff holiday. (The Times)

Tomorrow I shall be investigating why hedgies are more attractive than bankers and whether crop circles can be used to predict the markets. (Fintag)

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