Diary of an investment banking intern: Week 7

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So week 7, this has been the first week I have found tough, not for the workload but the constant iterations of the same document for the first time started to get me down but I nevertheless put on a brave face and by Friday was enjoying it all again.

Work this week started as usual with a range of pricing updates gven results announcements getting this out on time was more important than ever which meant the pressure was on.

I also had a pitch that I was the sole analyst working on which was due so that involved a lot of chasing up and making sure it was perfect but it was really nice to see the done book and the meeting went well which is always good feedback to know.

I was given a really cool project by my md which involved makeing a firm summary written piece to be eventually presented to our CEO so that was a chance to really show some flair and I think what I produced was good- so fingers crossed for good feedback.

My reviews been pushed back to next week but the dates set an I'm quite excited to find out how I've been doing. With the summer slowdown it's now long term projects that are going to start consuming my time which should make an interesting learning experience, and it opens up opportunitys to ask lots of questions and find out more about different business lines.

Aside from that a pitch is conning up which I will hopefully be staffed on and a couple of bloomberg learning projects should be fun! Looking back the first half of the internship has just flown by I can't quiet believe it !

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