Lunchtime Links: Very bad news - BarCap has nearly finished all that hiring

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If you were thinking of getting a job working for Barclays Capital, you'd better act fast. Bob Diamond has divulged that the bank has already hired 75-80% of the people it wants in equities and advisory. From now on, he says the 'most exciting priority' will be expanding and growing in emerging markets.

Head of commodity trading said to quit BofA. (Bloomberg)

BofA Merrill Lynch exodus watch. (The Deal)

Joseph Gregory would very much like $233m. (The Guardian)

Largest bonus paid at Bank of England? 30k. (Telegraph)

Bonus guarantees can fuel risky moves. (Wall Street Journal)

"It was just awful. Everything was poorly communicated, over the job cuts and bonuses."


A Tobin tax is a utopian, impractical proposition that has been discussed by economists for more than 30 years but which has never come close to being implemented anywhere. (Evening Standard)

Other centres would dearly love to have business from London. If we want to shoot ourselves in the foot, they would be delighted to take the business. (Financial Times)

"Every bathroom is like a piece of art. Women go wild when they walk in here." (Reuters)

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