Lunchtime Links: I'd like to pay as little as possible, but compensation will rise anyway

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Barclays executives are all popping up all over the place talking about bonuses. Yesterday, we had Bob Diamond on the Today Programme. Today we have Marcus Agius in the Telegraph.

The Barclays chairman says it's not bank executives' fault that bankers earn lots of money and that given the choice he'd pay them as little as possible. However, market conditions dictate that bonuses be large, says Agius. And if pay is not paunchy? Agius says he wouldn't be able to "justify" his job if, "sub-standard people were hired because they cost less".

Barclays accused of making $8.2bn windfall on Lehman purchase. (Guardian)

Lehman lawyers want $5bn back from Barclays. (Bloomberg)

Repent while ye still can. (The Times)

Beware the fake Merrill Lynch recruitment site. (Databreaches)

900 more private bankers needed in Singapore. (Financial News)

ICAP hires twin sisters to take care of its new market for secondary hedge fund stakes. (Financial News)

Collins Stewart hires a media analyst. (Financial News)

Scottish Widows Investment Partners needs to 'strengthen its team' after equities departures. (Financial News)

Deutsche Bank said to be looking at external candidates as Ackermann replacements. (Bloomberg)

Gorman says Morgan Stanley spent the last two years rebuilding its systems to measure risk adjusted returns so it can allocate capital to trading more efficiently. (Financial News)

Morgan Stanley is doubling its investment banker headcount in Brazil. (Bloomberg)

McCann wants "emergency relief" from BofA (Bloomberg)

Buffet could have saved Lehman, but didn't pick up voicemail message (Telegraph)

EU to call for more bonus sanctions. (Wall Street Journal)

The lesson learnt from Lehman's failure was the precise opposite of what many had hoped on the day it was announced: it is that every systemically significant institution must be rescued in a crisis.

Now insurers want to leave the UK too. (City AM )

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