Lunchtime Links: The joy of being Jonathan Powell

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If all goes well with the latest attempt by former and current Dresdner bankers to retrieve allegedly unpaid bonuses from Commerzbank, Jonathan Powell, a senior FX options trader, could end up doing rather well.

At €1.7m, Financial News says Powell's claim is the most elevated of the lot. Unlike many of the other big claimants, has also been re-employed at Barclays Capital, and may therefore be assured of a large bonus from his current place of work.

Surprisingly, Financial News reveals that more than 20 of the new 72 Dresdner claimants are still employed by Commerzbank. For example, Clive Tucker, a Commerz interest rate derivatives trader, is seeking to claim €743k from his employer. Whether this will pay in the long run is open to question.

Lloyd Blankfein agrees that some areas of investment banking are socially redundant. (Financial Times)

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"The bankers knew that they were involved in an under-pricing of risk and that at some point a correction would be made." (The Times)

On the Wednesday and Thursday after Lehman filed for Chapter 11, I asked my wife to please go to the ATM and take as much cash as she could. (CNN)

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