It looks like Nomura wants to hire ACAs into potentially exciting jobs in the front office

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If you're an ACA who is failing to feel the passion for audit, or you're a product controller who's decided monitoring P&Ls isn't as engaging as you'd hoped, we have good news: Nomura appears to be hiring ACAs for equity research and M&A and ECM and DCM and leveraged finance and 'risk solutions' (credit, inflation and energy derivatives, FX ).

The bank's advertising for chartered accountants to fill vacancies in research and investment banking.

By chartered accountants we assume Nomura means ACAs. By research it means equity research. By investment banking it means all the areas we've listed above.

Nomura didn't return a request for comment. However, an enthusiasm for hiring ACAs would make sense. Last week, Jesse Bhattal gave an interview with Bloomberg in which he said Nomura's implementing 'aggressive cost discipline' [ACAs are comparatively cheap]. The bank is also endeavouring to improve its standing in M&A and has just lost two equity researchers to Jefferies.

Rothschild's rumoured to interested in hiring ACAs too. So is DC Advisory Partners.

James Heath of recruitment firm Greenwich Partners says there's been strong and steady demand for ACAs to go into front office banking positions for the past 18 months.

However, Adam Cairns of recruitment firm Arkesden Partners, says front office opportunities for ACAs are "still quite flat."

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