Should you be on ASMALLWORLD?

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We're just asking, because Xenia Tchoumitcheva , the top model interning on JPMorgan's London sales and trading desk this summer is there apparently, meaning you might be able to meet her (although she already has 600 friends, meaning you might not).

Xenia isn't the only draw. According to one Warsaw based analyst there are also lots of expat financial services types on ASW (as it's known to members), plus a "a lot of entrepreneurs and former business people gone rogue."

What is ASW? The theory is that if you don't know you probably shouldn't be asking, but we will elucidate: it's a private online miniature aspiring-Bilderberg-community based in Zurich and run by online poker entrepreneur Patrick Liotard-Vogt.

You can only get into it if you're invited. And you can only get invited by people who've been members for at least two years. We asked ASW for more information, but they didn't respond.

ASW may not directly do much for your efforts at finding a job, but membership will grant you invitations to 'exclusive parties' where you'll get to network with financial services expats and might even encounter someone in a position to hire.

The downside is that all that exclusivity and cliquey-ness can be oppressive. One member of ASW tells us she doesn't use it much because she doesn't know anyone. "I don't have many connections because of their exclusivity approach, so I don't really visit it very often," she says.

Another says overt career-furthering behaviour is frowned upon. "I've never seen career or ladder-climbing talk on ASW," he says. "It's good for networking if you've got an invitation, but most people have a good network already.

"They've also got a harsh anti-spam policy, so make sure you don't get a black mark," he cautions, in case anyone feels like spamming casual acquaintances to try and get in.

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