GUEST COMMENT: A major car accident forced me to reevaluate my banker lifestyle

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Rohan Narse

It's a harsh business environment we’ve inherited. And over the past few years it’s become even more toxic.


First the real estate debt crises three years ago and the fall of some real Wall Street legends after that to now countries and regions at risk of defaulting on their debt obligations. We’re in a difficult situation, which it seems impossible to manoeuvre out of. There is a seismic shift that is in play and mass protests across the world point to a much larger upheaval in the years to come. So, what should say - a senior research analyst in an investment bank do when faced with redundancy, with no real hope of being re-employed?

While it may all look gloomy, there is a way to use this current wave of change to reassess priorities in life and realise what is important.

My own life, first as an investment banker with Goldman Sachs and then as manager of my own investment firm, was on one level just a blur. Long hours at work, the constant and at times needless pressure to meet unreasonable deadlines, the regular abuse of the body through constant travel, through missing meals or worse still, eating food that was hardly nutritious, took its toll and my health started to suffer.


At the time, I tried to make a change, both through yoga the odd pranayam. Neither really helped: they simply suppressed the symptoms while the underlying cause remained the same.


In this seemingly unmanageable work-life situation, I had a car accident, one that nearly cost me my life. In the midst of that accident though, I accessed a deeply silent state, one that was not dependent on anything external, that then set the context for a search, to find that that was Real, that which did not change with the passage of time. That journey is covered in my book 'In Search of Silence'.


What then is the way to come to state of balance in the midst of all the inner and outer turmoil that is so evident in the world today?


Bringing awareness to daily life is key. When the mind knows the eternal and sees that the body-mind construct is just a vehicle for experiencing the NOW, that realisation just allows it to relax into its own fold, into the SELF. Then it becomes awake at a level not known previously and there is clarity and a general state of effortlessness.