Late Lunchtime Links: Married JPMorgan associate sentenced to a conditional discharge after stalking attractive former unpaid intern

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We’ve spoken before about the dangers of attractive interns. However, one JPMorgan associate did not heed the warnings.

28 year old David Gray, a New York-based JPMorgan banker who appears to be a FIG analyst at the bank, reportedly met 25 year old

during her unpaid internship at JPMorgan inNew York. She was in the adjacent cubicle.

Rausnitz, interned for free at JPMorgan during her degree at Duke University (where she appears to have been President of the Society for

Business Orientated Women). She received a job offer post-graduation.

When she returned in her (paid) graduate role, Rausnitz was apparently sexually harassed by a ‘senior banker’ at JPMorgan. She confided this to Gray, and – despite him being married – they had an affair, became ‘very much in love’ (so the court was told) and Gray contemplated leaving his wife.

Subsequently, however, Rausnitz decided Gray wasn't so great and arranged a transfer to London in order to get away from him. At this point, Gray appears to have become obsessed with her, pursuing her across the Atlantic, deluging with her texts and calls and putting a tracking device into her bag. The case continues, but could cost Gray his job. The moral is clear: when there are attractive interns, stay away.

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