Late Lunchtime Links: Who was Lucas Van Praag?

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In Goldman Sachs terms, Lucas Van Praag is no more. The bank had allegedly been wanting to get rid of him for some time now, but had resisted for fear of looking desperate. Now, after a decent delay, the deed has been done.

So who was/is 62 year old Lucas Van Praag, the Machiavellian ex-master of Goldman’s PR? This:

-  A graduate in in economics and economic history from the university of Durham

-  A former officer in the merchant navy

-  Someone who spent 10 years at Bankers Trust and then left to ‘run a manufacturing company’

-  A former partner at PR firm Brunswick

Van P joined Goldman as an MD in London in 2000 and transferred to New Yorkin 2001. In 2006 he was made a partner. Urbane, erudite and known for lacerating put-downs, he appears sanguine about his fate. “C’est la vie,” he told New York Magazine.  As someone points out, he could undoubtedly make a small fortune writing about his time at Goldman. Realistically, he’s probably signed a gagging order.


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