The UK’s most employable and money-oriented students attend these universities

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There are two things out today which suggest where you should have gone/be going to university in the UK.

Thing one is the Guardian’s university league table. This offers a ranking by university and by universities with the best career prospects.

Thing two is a new report from research company High Fliers (known also for its reports on graduate recruitment trends), which has ranked universities according to expected starting salaries and students with a job offer.

According to the Guardian, the UK’s top ten universities, in descending order are: Cambridge, Oxford, the LSE, St. Andrews, Warwick, UCL, Durham, Lancaster, Bath and Exeter.

Also according to the Guardian, the UK universities with the best career prospects (defined as  the % of graduates who are in graduate level jobs or studying further within six months of graduation) are:

(Source: Guardian)

Meanwhile, High Fliers has ranked the percentage of this year’s graduates who’ve received job offers (as opposed to those who’ve received job offers and are studying). This suggests LSE, Oxford and Cambridge students are most employable. Notably, students with job offers are in a very small minority this year.

 (Source: High Fliers) 

Finally, High Fliers has ranked UK universities according to how much finalists expect to earn in their first job. LSE and Oxford graduates are most optimistic about their initial earning prospects. Students at Cardiff expect to earn £10k less from their first job than students at the LSE.

 (Source: High Fliers) 

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