These are the banks that few UK students want to work for, and where it should be easiest to find a graduate job

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There was a time, back in 2009, when UK students studying business subjects really wanted to work for investment banks. JPMorgan even boasted about coming top of the UK list of students' favourite place to work.

Times have changed.

The latest list from Universum, the student research company, reveals that investment banks have been thoroughly displaced by technology firms. Where JPMorgan once ranked 1st, it now ranks 8th. While Goldman Sachs once ranked 3rd, it now ranks 10th.

Instead, technology companies are the new hot graduate employers. Apple is UK students' favoured postgraduate destination, followed by Google. HSBC is the only bank in the top 5 and comes in 3rd, followed by PWC and KPMG.

We've extracted the financial services firms from Universum's ranking and listed them below (with their overall rank number alongside). The implication seems to be that competition will be limited if you apply to ING or Nomura. We've included government bodies (Bank of England the FSA) on the list, and insurers. Notably, insurers seem particularly unpopular, so if you want to be especially strategic about your graduate application, you could always apply here. Failing that, there are the banks that don't appear at all: think Standard Chartered.



5. PWC

8. JPMorgan

9. Bank of England

10. Goldman Sachs

11. Barclays Group

13. Ernst & Young

15. Morgan Stanley

18. Deloitte

20. Barclays Capital

21. RBS

22. Lloyds

28. Bank of America/Merrill Lynch

33. Deutsche Bank

40. Financial Services Authority

45. Credit Suisse

53. American Express

55. UBS

59. Santander

68. Zurich Financial Services

70. BNP Paribas

81. Nomura

83. ING

94. Axa

98. Aviva

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