Student with sandwich board seen seeking employment outside Liverpool Street Station

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It's happened again. First there was Joshua Persky, the US MIT graduate who walked around wearing a sandwich board in search of work. Then there was David Bell, a history graduate who walked up and down Fleet Street volunteering to work for free until he was offered a job at a recruitment company. Then there was, Steve, an IT consultant who walked up and down Moorgate advertising his credentials and declined to speak to us when we asked whether his method was working.

Now there is Giles.

Giles is standing outside Liverpool Street, holding the board in the picture. Giles has been an entrepreneur and an intern (although not in a bank). He graduated last year from Leeds with a degree in European politics.

"I decided to stand outside the station for a real mixture of reasons," he explains. "I got a 2.1 from a decent university, but my A Level grades restrict me - I don't always have the right number of UCAS points. I can be perceived as a bit of a wild card."

Standing outside Liverpool Street has been, "really positive," says Giles. "I've handed out about 60-70 business cards and people have been very positive about offering me advice and putting me in contact with HR."

Giles wants an internship, or an entry level posiiton anywhere in financial services (although doesn't specify his preferred discipline). He is available...immediately.

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