Lunchtime Links: The boring reality of trading jobs, defending the reputation of M&A bankers

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For the time being, investment banks are facing no problems attracting sufficient numbers of applicants to their entry level positions, but with the current level of banker basher in the UK, Channel 4 has asked, why anyone would want to work in the industry now.

There are many standard points raised about banks’ recruitment techniques – they’re very visible and enticing on campus, a £50k starting salary turns a few heads and career advancement opportunities are a big selling point – as well as one ex-SocGen investment banker, Will Davies, saying that there were “no moral qualms” over the amount of money it’s possible to earn in the sector.

More interestingly, Lydia Prieg, and former fixed income trader at Goldman Sachs (who we interviewed in 2011), claims once lured into these big name investments banks, the reality is that the day-to-day job is both boring and unfulfilling.

However, Chris Roebuck, former economist and HR professional at UBS and HSBC, makes the case for the defence. The sort of people working in investment banking and M&A “have intellectual ability and to have been to good universities and got very good degrees”, he says, and they’re unlikely to do anything “dodgy” because “if there’s a slightest hint of something dodgy your career is over”.

"When you talk to them in detail about their views, the vast majority are sensible, down-to-earth people who generally behave with integrity. The problem comes when the pursuit of profit gets in the way of your moral compass," he says.


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