Lunchtime Links: These are the top 16 financial services headhunters in London; Credit Suisse bankers display great optimism about their future

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We have to be careful here as we've been reprimanded in the past for publishing the full list of top headhunters without prior permission from its owner. However, if you happen sitting around and wondering which financial services recruitment firms or which investment banking recruitment firms are the biggest in London, you may want to CLICK HERE. You will find the full list, with market shares, for 2011-2012.

Separately, Credit Suisse bankers seem impervious to the fact that the share price of their employer has plummeted nearly 40% since mid-March, when the Swiss National Bank suggested it might need to raise more capital. Credit Suisse revealed today that its bankers have voluntarily converted 50% of their deferred cash bonuses into shares in the bank.


Big prop trader redundancies coming at Goldman. (Zerohedge) 

Goldman Sachs has cut 20-30 traders in the US this week. (Bloomberg) 

The cost of Knight’s rescue looks steep—in excess of 70% of the equity of the firm was surrendered to the new investors—until you consider how slim the chances of survival are for a securities firm that has lost the confidence of the market. (Economist) 

Despite having relocated its international HQ from London to Africa for cost reasons, cost are rising fast at Standard Bank. (Bloomberg) 

Analysing pass rates for CFA Level II. (300Hours) 

BDO is acquiring the UK business of PKF. However, BDO Partners are paid around 40% more than PKF ones. (Telegraph)

If you work in IT, you may find jobs in private banks. (Financial News) 

Looking for something with initiative, personality and leadership? Try a stickleback fish. (PhysOrg) 

Man goes without the internet for a year. Feels happier, fresher, more relaxed, loses weight.(Farnam Street) 

What is the most effective way for an investment banker to transition to a startup? (Quora) 

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