SECRET DIARY OF A MARKETS INTERN: Week 3 - Another intern has been lurking around my desk

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Here’s the third week of our secret diary from an investment banking intern in London. For previous instalments click here. 


Monday was, again, a day of intense work. Everyone seemed busy.  Whenever I asked if they had time they told me to come back on Tuesday. The end result of this was that I had a pretty packed diary for Tuesday, including meeting someone from a desk I’m really interested.


When Tuesday came I was excited and I was stressed. I had booked people pretty close together, and I knew I couldn’t over run. Unfortunately, therefore, the person from the desk I most wanted to meet emailed to move back our ‘chat’, to 20 minutes before I was supposed to be seeing someone else. I had no choice but to agree and I ended up being late for the person after. I kept looking at the clock and thinking how late I could be without annoying the next guy, and in the end I think I irritated him a bit. It doesn’t look good turning up late, even if the second person was from a desk I’m less bothered about.


After getting lots of feedback last week on my project, I had a shed load to do. I spent hours Googling Excel functions and in the end managed to get it working, but with a very inefficient method. I wish I was better with Excel but hopefully by the end I’ll be pretty handy with it.


This week I also had an informal review with my manager. HR weren’t involved, but it was still pretty important. I got incredibly nervous beforehand, but in reality it was more about asking me how things were going than providing much feedback. I still don’t know where I stand with regards to a job but I think my desk are hiring. If my project works out well I should have a good chance.


Towards the end of the week I noticed another intern lurking around my desk a few times. Having interned before I know that it gets more competitive as the weeks go by. This sort of thing is to be expected, but it still rang alarm bells. I’m quite confident that the other guy won’t get my job but it is something I’ll have to keep an eye on!


The markets were pretty crazy this week, and most people made or lost a lot of money. One trader cleaned up, making about half a million dollars, and closed out his positions before going home around 2pm. Another guy smashed his keyboard on the desk when Draghi’s comments made the market go bananas. I made more coffee runs that day than I had in the previous four weeks.


On Friday afternoon I was sent out to get burgers for all the guys. I ended up getting 23 burgers, each incredibly specific. I could barely carry them all back and it was probably the hardest thing I’ve done so far, but thankfully I didn’t mess it up and once it was over I got to enjoy a burger. Not exactly a ‘free lunch’ but nothing to turn my nose up at!




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