These are the jobs a CFA will help you attain; the new role that charterholders are moving into this year

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Now that CFA exams are over until December, many of the new charterholders (and indeed those in the earlier stages of gaining the qualification) will want to know what it does for their career.

Nearly 700 people became CFA charterholders in the UK this year, taking the total to 6,514. The good news is that being unemployed and holding a CFA is still very unlikely, with just 4% of the total, or 260 people out of work.

What the figures show is that, for all the debate about the career opportunities it opens up, the largest proportion of CFA charterholders (24%) are working as portfolio managers and then 19% as research analysts – the traditional routes.

Just 390 work as investment banking analysts and the same number work in consulting or risk management.

More interestingly, there appears to be a new role that CFA are moving into. This year, 1% (or an admittedly small number of 65 people) now work as performance measurement specialists – a role that didn’t exist among charterholders last year.